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Grognard Simulations

Grognard Simulations has some new releases now available over in their webshop. Two of them are related to Death Ride Kursk, while the other is paying homage to battles from 200 years ago in Incredible Courage 100 Days – Quatre Bras. The Death Ride Kursk games are Das Reich and the DRK-IISS Enhancement.


From the announcement:
Grognard Simulations has released Leibstandarte, their newest expansion for Death Ride Kursk, over in their webshop.



From the website:

The second game of a new 3 game set that will showcase the Kursk battle from the IISS Panzer Korps area. This game focuses on the Leibstandardt Division area.

This game is an expansion and Death Ride Kursk - Totenkopf is required for play.
Grognard Simulations is about to send their Death Ride Kursk files out to be printed for publishing. If you want them at a significant savings, send in your order now.


From the announcement:

Death Ride Kursk – Totenkopf is in final preparation for publishing. Sales of Pre-Order Coupons, which will save you 33% on the cost of Totenkopf, will be ending soon. The price for the released game is set for $150. This package is huge. And the coupon gets you the extra benefit of a FREE upgrade for one of the existing maps in the original 3 game series (GD, 3Pz, 11Pz).

The link to the page to purchase your Pre-Order Coupon is here.

Release is scheduled to be in the March/April 2014 time frame. Production of components has begun.

Grognard Simulations gives us some more info about Death Ride Kursk that they're working on.


From the update:

If you have been waiting to make your pre-order coupon purchase for these games you should consider this the time to make that move. You will save an enormous amount of money with these pre-orders. In addition to getting the 3 SS games at an approximately 33% discount you will also get a set of updated maps for the existing DRK games. 1 map update for 1 SS pre-order coupon purchase. Purchase all 3 SS pre-order coupons and get all 3 existing DRK map updates for FREE. That's a $105 value alone!

This small sample of the NEW Style DRK maps that will give you a whole new appreciation for the battle area. Rich in features, and clearly showing the elevation changes, this map will knock your socks off. This small area shows the coming Totenkopf battle area, a small part of it anyway, and you can see the Psel River where the Germans made their best effort to breakout north to Oboyan.

Grognard Simulations has released their new WWII simulation battle game Armored Knights - Guderian Crosses the Desna 1941.
Hop in your tank and get going.


From the release:

Guderian Crosses the Desna is an introductory game that pits a German Panzer Korps against some Russian Rifle division elements at the Desna River crossing of Novgorod-Seversky. This was the Germans foray into the Ukraine that started the operations to surround and destroy the russian army in the Kiev region. Guderian had just tried to convince Hitler that an immediate attack on Moscow would be the best course of action, but returned from the meeting and started right off to the south. His forces would make a hurried attempt to capture the bridge over the Desna and fail at first. But after a more planned attempt they would succeed.

Grogheads recently sat down with Chris Fasulo Sr of Grognard Simulations. I bet you'd like to know what they talked about. So go read it!

From the interview:

This week, we are fortunate to have with us Chris Fasulo Sr, of the (relatively) new wargaming company Grognard Simulations. Grognard Simulations burst onto the scene with their Death Ride series of operational games that garnered a great reputation for its combined arms system. We managed to chisel a few moments out of his 18-hour days to talk about Grognard Simulations and his wargaming background

Grognard Simulations have released the Death Ride - Halfaya Pass boardgame. From their announcement:
Grognard Simulations is proud to announce that Death Ride – Halfaya Pass is to be released on 21 September 2011. Pre-orders from the GSI web store are being accepted and will ship starting 21 September. This game is a small Death Ride series game that is stand alone and can be played in an afternoon or weekend very easily. It focuses on the effort by the British 4th Indian Division to capture Halfaya Pass during Operation Battleaxe in June 1941. Even though the British brought Matilda’s against the Germans, the Germans were ready for them and had fortified the pass considerably. This game includes (2) 11 x 17 map sheets, (3) unit counter and marker sheets, bound rulebook, charts and tables, (1) d10, and lots of fast paced nail biting action to capture what the British could not. Price is $45.
Grognard Simulations have released the Death Ride – Hafid Ridge wargame. Death Ride – Hafid Ridge From their announcement:
GSI announces the release of Death Ride – Hafid Ridge, a small, fast paced, short, tactical simulation of the Battle for Hafid Ride during Operation Battleaxe in June 1941 in North Africa. This game can be played within a few hours and should be perfect for your Friday night gaming events or weekend tournament. It will have you on pins and needles from the first turn to the last. Price is $39.00 plus applicable taxes, for Texans, and shipping. And if that’s not enough Death Ride – Halfaya Pass is scheduled for release at the beginning of October 2011. This is another small, fast paced, short, tactical simulation oriented on Operation Battleaxe. Price is approx $45.00 plus applicable taxes, for Texans, and shipping. And...GSI is expanding the coupon program. New coupons have been added for Death Ride Salerno - 16th Panzer Expansion; Death Ride Salerno - 29th Panzer Grenadier; Death Ride Salerno - Herman Goring/15th Panzer Grenadier; Incredible Courage at Austerlitz - Pratzen; Incredible Courage at Austerlitz - Santon; Armored Knights North Africa - Operation Crusader; and Armored Knights North Africa - Operation Venezia.
Grognard Simulations have posted details of a new coupon program. From their announcement:
Grognard Simulations is proud to announce that “Death Ride Salerno – 16th Panzer” now has a coupon available for purchase that provides the customer with a $40 discount off the purchase of 1 copy of the released version of the game. The game is due to be released in December 2011. The coupon costs $20 to buy and must be held until the product is released. It is a downloadable text file from the GSI Web Store only and will only be good for sales made through the GSI Web Store. When DRS-16Pz is released the purchaser may redeem the $40 when purchasing the game. This game will see some fantastic enhancements to the Death Ride system and the entire project is going to make all other Salerno games look like kids games. See it on our website and get your discount in place as it will be withdrawn shortly before the game is released.
Grognard Simulations will soon be releasing the first game in their Incredible Courage at Austerlitz series. From their announcement:
Grognard Simulations is very excited and proud to announce that “Incredible Courage at Austerlitz - Telnitz” will be available for purchase within the next 2-3 weeks. This game is the first installment in the Incredible Courage at Austerlitz series and starts something very, very special. There will be 3 installments to the complete series. The other modules will be the Pratzen (central) and the Santon (north). This game will be the most significant entry into the hobby in years. The game features a combat system that is based on a set of adjustable strengths related to the formation a unit is currently in. The fire or assault values for units are not set until the moment they make their attacks.
Grognard Simulations have released the Death Ride Kursk – 11th Panzer boardgame. From their announcement:
Death Ride Kursk – 11th Panzer (DRK-11Pz) expands on the DRK series and will be released by 28 May.  This game covers the operations of the 11th Panzer Division, as part of the XXXXVIII Panzer Korps, as the right flank of Gross Deutschland during the Battle of Kursk.  Players do not need to own the DRK-GD game to play this as it uses different maps.  11th Panzer parallels Gross Deutschland north toward Oboyan and Kursk.  The division ran into 31st Tank Corps and elements of the 309th Rifle, 52nd and 13th Guards Rifle Divisions.  The game features such rules as Overwatch, Patrols, Reserves, and uses obstacles extensively.  Elite forces in this game include the Red Army Guards (52nd and 13th GRDs) that are shoved into the battle.  See it at This game includes the following components:
  • (7) 11 x 17 Full Color Deluxe or Standard Map Sections that can be connected to the DRK-GD maps
  • (3) Full Color Order of Battle Charts for the 11th Panzer and 31st Tank Corps and other Red Army elements
  • Charts and Tables
  • (5) Full Color, double sided, Scenario Description Cards
  • (15) Full Color Unit Counter Sheets with over 1050 units and markers