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Gripping Beast

So, as I mentioned earlier, you may be thinking, "Well, Gen Con's over. So that's it for conventions." And as I mentioned, you'd be wrong. But what if you're not going to be in Connecticut? What if yo
Hello there, beautiful TGN readers. And welcome once more to Saturday. Hopefully you're getting some gaming in, or are going to be getting some gaming in at some point today. It seems only right.Let u
Gripping Beast has posted up their new releases for Saga that they'll be bringing with them to Salute. The biggest announcement is the new faction they'll have. The Revenants are based on the myths an
Sunday, rainy Sunday. At least, here in Atlanta it's raining. Due to gaming much of the day yesterday (rpg variety for me, though electronic in nature. Hey! I'm allowed!), it's "do all the chores!!" d
Gripping Beast was in charge of Musketeer Miniatures for a bit, but now MM's headed back out on their own.SourceFrom the announcement:Its been a number year since Lord S and Darren at Gripping Beast t
Saga will have their latest book, The Crescent & The Cross, available in their webshop about this time tomorrow.SourceFrom the announcement:SAGA The Crescent & The Cross will be available to order on
Gripping Beast expands their Saga line with the release of new Steppe Tribes. Get on your horse and ride!From the release:Released today, a new official warband for SAGA!Official Rules & Battleboard a
Just Giving is running an auction for the army painted during the Iron Man II 24 hour painting marathon. Proceeds go to Save the Children.From the announcement:Super great guy, Mike Hobbs, painted up
Saga will be debuting some new expansion books at the Salute game show. I wish I was going.From the announcement:Debuting at SALUTE, “Varjazi & Basileus” features a 12 page full colour rule booklet co
Gripping Beast has some new measuring sticks and tokens available for Saga.From the website:Fresh in from 4Ground are the new official SAGA Measuring Sticks and Token sets. These are made of laser-cut
Saga is adding new Byzantines to their list of available armies.From the update:Any day now, Issue 301 of Wargames Illustrated will be dropping on the doormat of subscribers and hitting the shelves of
Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk are pleased to announce the next expansion book for Saga, entitled The Raven's Shadow.From the announcement:Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast are proud to announce
Brueckenkopf has a review up on their website (in German, as usual for them) about Gripping Beast's plastic Viking sets.From them to you:After reviewing SAGA and the SAGA Starterbox for the Vikings, i
Gripping Beast has a whole series of new figures up on their website. Basically all the stuff they showed off at Salute is now available to look at for those of you out there, like me, that didn't get
Gripping Beast has the expansion to their Saga: Dark Age Skirmishes game all lined up. Plus, if you pre-order you get a cool fig. Why not go and do that now?From the announcement:'Northern Fury' is th
Gripping Beast have released several new Viking figures and accessories. From their announcement: We have some new Warlord figures to release with SAGA - 2 new Viking Jarls & an Anglo-Danish Lord. Th
Gripping Beast have announced a release date for their SAGA Viking Age Skirmishes rules. From their announcement: We have a release date for SAGA. We will begin shipping the week commencing 19th Sept
Gripping Beast will be raising the prices on some of their ranges of figures this weekend. From their announcement: We can hold off no longer. As we mentioned in last December's Newsletter, we are go
Gripping Beast have posted an update on the status of their SAGA Viking Age Skirmishes rules. From their announcement: It's a long running saga..  Final preparations are underway for the release of S
Gripping Beast will be attending Salute 2011. From their announcement: Not long until this year's Salute and we're all getting rather excited here at Beast Towers. We will have our largest ever sta