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Grindhouse Games

Grindhouse Games gives us a look at the Incursion Assets cover art in this preview.


From the preview:

We're still nailing down the Backerkit. I guess I was premature when I said 48 hours a week ago . This stuff is complicated. I think we're very very close. In the interim, I thought I would share this with you all. The rulebooks for SNAFU and Incursion are 8-1/2" x11". John Allison has the new covers for those created and they are variants of their respective box art. We are also doing an 8-1/2 x11" "Assets" book which will contain all the extra rules and background for exclusive characters, Drop Trooper rules and background, some fluff, and the Sub Pen missions, plus whatever else we feel like putting in it. Should be fun! The preliminary cover art is posted below.

Grindhouse Games is showing off the 3D render they've been working on for the Drop Trooper for Incursion.


From the preview:

Hey all! Jim here. Been on vacation for a few days. Looks like the Drop Trooper sculpts should be finished up in a few days. They are looking great! The six male troopers are done but for a few minor tweaks. Hilde is not far behind! Sneak peek below from the most talented Francesco Pizzo!

Grindhouse Games is looking for some new sculptors to add to their rolls after their very successful Incursion Kickstarter campaign. Do you have what it takes?

From the announcement:

Grindhouse Games is looking for sculptors. We have a number of new figures that need to get done as a result of our successful Kickstarter campaign. Please send your portfolio to

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Grindhouse Games is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter. They've just broken through their $120k stretch goal but can hopefully go even higher.

From the update:

John and I have been digging deep. I think we're all the way to China at this point :-) As we've said, the goal of this campaign is to get as much done as possible without causing us to have to borrow more money. We've been cautious to date as experience has taught us we need to be. We're not a big game company with a fat cash reserve sitting around. We've cut out all the fat now and are committed to getting our own cash contributions to this KS development reimbursed down the road at retail. As of this moment, the AWESOME new stretch chart reflects the best we can do. We're taking a little risk on the stuff past 165k, thinking we can make it up on the backside. The personal risk for us is biggest at the 200k level plastic drop troopers but we're willing to accept that. Buckets of Blood: we hear you. There needs to be some more value for some of you who don't want board and t-shirt (silly kids!). We are doing three things beyond what we have already done, effective now:
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Grindhouse Games has posted up a game play video for their new version of Incursion over on their Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

100k! Right on! That's a pretty neat milestone. In celebration, John and I have rearranged the stretch goals just a smidgen to push some of the specialist troop freebies closer to the event horizon. We want to ensure that this is a one and done for absolute completists so that any reasonably possible combination of forces in any mission you choose gets covered in plastic at the higher pledge levels. Furthermore, you'll note the super fun Zombie Bombardier pack as a freebie sitting in the 170k slot for Buckets of Blood. Finally, the free plastic door upgrade for Incursion is locked in at 200k. Best we can do. We can probably getthem into SNAFU as well at 205k. Maybe even 203k :-)

We'll fill in a few more items between 170 and 200 as the campaign moves forward. Plastic drop troopers are out around 250 but we can likely do metal very soon as an add-on. Waiting for John Allison art.

MOVIE! Grab yourself some popcorn and a cold one and kick back to watch an explanatory full game of Incursion played by John and Miguel in HD right here:

Grindhouse Games posted their pledge manager preview for their Incursion Kickstarter campaign up so you can see how you can order things.

From the update:

We have uploaded our pledge manager version 1.0. It's a work in progress but we think it clarifies things substantially. Please take a few moments to read through it and calculate what your pledge amount should be! There are lots of little clarifications throughout. We'll be tweaking the format and adding imagery as we go.

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The Esoteric Order of Gamers recently sat down with Jim Bailey from Grindhouse Games and chatted about Incursion.

From the interview:

Incursion is back! Grindhouse Games have resurrected this fantastic game of weird war combat between power-armoured Allied soldiers and twisted Nazi experiments in a bunker under Gibraltar, and are bringing you a second edition via Kickstarter. The campaign has already reached its $75K funding goal and is charging towards stretch goal rewards.

Some years ago I created the rules summary sheet that came in the box of first edition Incursion, and got to know Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games, a guy who brings a much-needed hot chilli blast of rock‘n’roll enthusiasm to the boardgaming world. It’s long overdue that Incursion was brought to a wider public of gamers who love action-packed, immersive combat games with stunning miniatures. We asked Jim a few questions about the new edition and the development of his creation.

Incursion by Grindhouse Games has made it over their funding goal as well as their first stretch goal over on Kickstarter.

From the update:

Okay, bear with me. I'll try to be brief but we have lots of topics to update you on.

For starters, not only did we fund yesterday but we just rocked right on through stretch goal #1 and we're almost halfway to #2, today. Free puppies for everyone! It was soooo much fun to put the "funded" stamp on the Blitzhund.

We have posted five Kickstarter Backer icons on the home page. Scroll on down past the stretches to check them out. You'll find Gretel, Slugger, Bomberzombie, Panzeraffe, and Paddy.

We have also posted the 1st. edition of the Incursion rulebook (including all the background and missions) on the home page plus the original 2009 versions in French and Spanish. Pass it on!

Grindhouse Games has added on some new pledge levels and add-ons to their Incursion Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

2 new pledge levels

SNAFU- includes SNAFU, Exclusive Gretel figure (plastic), and applicable freebies/upgrades (per Double Feature), shipped to your door in the USA.
$60 +$30 shippingoutside USA
OG in Plastic-just like Metalhead, but in plastic.
$65 + $30 shipping outside USA

Buckets of Blood allows switch of Exclusives to metal if you want that for some reason. Can't change the language of the pledge level but this is official.

New add-ons:
SNAFU $60. Add $30 for shipping outside USA
APE Set- Ape set from Incursion in plastic. No cards. $25
Incursion core figures- Ape set plus Gretel, Ilsa, Hans, 2x Bomberzombie, Blitzhund in plastic. No cards. $40
SNAFU core figures- MI-13 set including Gracie, Panzeraffe, Drohne, Bazooka APE in plastic. No cards $40

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Grindhouse Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd edition of the Incursion board game.

From the campaign:

Hi there! Thanks for checking us out.My name is Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games and I'm asking for your help to fund a proper re-launch of our Indy hit board game, Incursion, with all the plastic components and whistles and bells that we couldn't afford to do the first time around because of the massive up-front capital it required. I'm going to just jump into the meat of this thing because I know that's what you all are really interested in :-). If you'd like to read more about our team, the game, and our history, you can scroll on down to the bottom of this page. Let's have some fun...

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Grindhouse Games shows off the box contents for the upcoming Incursion set as well as talks about how they see distribution of the game to work after their Kickstarter.

From the update:

Incursion will not be offered through big distribution this time around. We're not playing that game anymore. It's a broken system that just crushes the little guy. We will also not be offering this up through discount online retailers of any kind so that they can undercut the community-building retailers who do want to carry our game.
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Grindhouse Games shows off some more artwork for Incursion with a look at Rosie.

From the preview:

We have a real treat for you all this afternoon. Rosie rendered!

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Grindhouse Games has posted up some more preview artwork for the upcoming release of Incursion.

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Grindhouse Games is rereleasing Incursion. They've posted up the new box art and wanted to show it off.

From the preview:

Box art for the upcoming rerelease of Grindhouse Games Incursion

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Grindhouse Games is showing off more artwork for Incursion and has set a tentative date to start their Kickstarter.

From the announcement:

Hey people, we'll likely start the kickstarter August 1st. We'll decide for sure by July 1st and make a big stink about it in an announcement. Still finalizing the campaign goals and pricing. In the meantime, there is a ton of art and info coming your way in the weeks leading up to the campaign. Here's some more!

Grindhouse Games will be re-launching their Incursion game as Kickstarter project to begin soon.

From the update:

Okay, let's open it up. Let's just kick the door down and get right into it, shall we? John Roberts and I are heading up a re-release of Incursion. Yeah, it's gonna be a Kickstarter. Cat's out of the bag now! If only I had that tool when I first set out to do this thing.. The game maintains a stratospheric 8 out of 10 on Board Game Geek and has a die-hard fanbase. Why? It's a damned good game and it's authentic. Don't take my word. Go read all the reviews, Go see what the sociopaths like Michael Barnes and Superfly Pete at Fortress Ameritrash have to say about it. Go see what Anatoli has to say about it. Go to the Grindhouse forums and read about it.

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Grindhouse Games is having a sale on their Incursion Weird WWII boardgame. From their announcement:
Sale time. Yippee. Okay gang, as you probably know, space at the Grindhouse is a precious commodity. The Incursion boardgame takes up tons of space. We need to reduce inventory to the tune of a couple hundred copies to make some room. Furthermore, nothing makes me happier than a big rush where we pack like crazy for a few days and load up the truck a couple times. So, between now and September 16, the Incursion boxed game, normally $50 will be available from the Grindhouse website only for a stupid $15. Buy copies for all your friends. Note that you won't likely incur additional shipping charges for a few miniatures so stock up on zeds and APE troopers while you're at it... or fill in any gaps in your collection of Incursion and SNAFU models. Important :the store is not set up to handle bulk shipping. Please contact me for details if you wish to order more than 2 copies in the USA or more than one copy outside the USA. Orders larger than this will be subject to additional shipping charges.
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Grindhouse Games have updated their online store with photos of a painted example of the Incursion Gracie walker. Gracie From their website:
Head on over to the online store and check her out. Tom really outdid himself.Order more stuff people! The children need to eat! ;-) Stock is in. I'm pleased by the number of "Buckets of Blood" orders we've had. There is no better deal in the world...
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Grindhouse Games have posted photos of a painted example of their Incursion Panzeraffe miniature. Panzeraffe From their website:
Okay, I know we just did this whole big hooplah thing this morning, releasing SNAFU. Tom, bless his heart worked all day today to finish painting Panzeraffe. He probably wants combat pay for that! He still has a couple more days of work to do on Gracie as she's such a beast. Panzeraffe is about twice as big as I think he was expecting. Hence the delay... Anyhoo, here's the big guy.
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Grindhouse Games have officially released the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion Weird War boardgame. SNAFU is available from their online store and will soon be available from stores. They have also posted details of the various bundle deals available from their online store. Gracie From their website:
SNAFU is officially released in North America as of right now. The webstore is all stocked up. One distributor has pre-ordered. If you would rather support your FLGS, get them to bug their distributors NOW. West Wind should be up and running with the SNAFU release in a week or two. Their stock will be in early this week but it will take them some time to get organized. If you are in Europe, I STRONGLY suggest you buy from them or one of our retailers like Wayland or Maelstrom. Shipping costs from USA are not pretty. OZ/NZ: same deal. Martin at Little Soldiers should have his website updated in the next week or so as well.
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Grindhouse Games have added a free PDF with additional components for the Incursion SNAFU expansion. From their website:
Since some of you are starting to receive your pre-orders today, you'll probably want these :-) Stand-ups, counters, and some character cards. Absolutely free. Link also posted in downloads section of the Grindhouse forum for easy access. Enjoy. Should have last couple of painted images in from Tom in the next day or so. We may go live with hard release of everything this weekend. We'll see. Have now managed to ship all the pre-orders as well as some fat distribution pre-orders. Been a busy week. About to get this sucker under control though.
Grindhouse Games have posted a reminder about the upcoming end of the pre-order period for the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion boardgame. They have also posted a preview of a painted sample of the Bazooka Ape model. From their website:
Thanks to all of you for your pre-orders. They are really starting to come in fast. Maybe because the deadline is approaching! I will cut them off tomorrow night at right about this time so get your order in if you want the special price and fastest delivery. As a most excruciatingly small game company, your pre-orders are really what make it possible for us to do stuff like this. Seriously, thank you one and all. Australian and European preorders still up at Little Soldiers and West Wind but will end shortly as well.
Grindhouse Games are extending their deadline for pre-orders of their Incursion SNAFU expansion and have also posted a preview of a painted sample of the new Blitzhund miniature. Discuss
SNAFU pre-order dealGrindhouse Games is now offering a pre-order deal for all of the items that are being released as part of the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion boardgame. From their website:
Pre-sale ends here, Wednesday April 27. Orders ship mid May 2011. Deal contains the new 64 page expansion book and all 12 new miniatures: 6 Sturmzombies, Blitzhund MKII, Bazooka APE, Drohne, The Hurricane, the massive Panzeraffe, and the truly massive Gracie. Retail price on all this is $138. The pre-order special gets you the whole shebang for $110 and gets your stuff shipped to you at the earliest possible moment. If you are in Europe, get it from West Wind. In Oz/NZ, get it from Little Soldiers. Both will be putting this deal up within the week.
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Grindhouse Games have posted details of the tentative release date and contents of the Incursion SNAFU expansion. Gracie From their announcement:
Here it comes people...BLITZ! We release in mid-may 2011 for North and South America and Australia, and early to mid June for Europe. Situation Normal, All F&%#ed Up. Distributors and retailers in the Americas/Australia have been sent new product listings for retailer pre-order. European stockists will receive an email from West Wind shortly. Retail price of one of each of the new yummy stuff is about 138 bucks US. We'll start a 20% off pre-order package deal on the Grindhouse website tomorrow for the Americas. Maybe some other goodies too.
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