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Gregster's Lab

Wednesday. Is there a day that personifies the progression of the week more than Wednesday? We've made it through Monday and Tuesday. Thursday and Friday are ahead. Stuck in the middle is Wednesday. S
Gregster's Lab has brought out some more add-ons for their 6mm modular research lab terrain Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom the post:Gregster's Lab shows off the last add-on pack they were working on fo
Gregster's Lab made it up and over their funding goal on Indiegogo and has added on new add-on packs to their campaign.SourceFrom the update:We are introducing 4 add-on packs. Each pack gives you cert
Gregster's Lab is showing off the prototype cast they got in of their new 6mm Research Station terrain piece they've been working on.SourceFrom the post:We are happy that the test casts came out well,
Gregster's Lab is showing off some more 6mm scale terrain as part of their Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom the preview:We are now able to show you our next terrain piece for the Indiegogo campaign: the
Gregster's Lab is running an Indiegogo campaign for their 6mm modular bunker system. Go and check it out.SourceFrom the campaign:This bunker system could be a nice addition to any 6mm scale tabletop w
Gregster's Lab will soon be launching an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new line of 6mm bunker terrain pieces. They've got some preview renders up for you to look at.SourceFrom them to you:Greg