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Green Ronin Publishing

Various fantasy settings are rather clean, aren't they? They draw inspiration from places such as Tolkien that have tall, gleaming cities, gentle, rolling plains, and forests filled with life. Sure, t
It's almost here, everyone! The weekend will be here before you know it! Along with the gaming, I'm certainly ready for pizza for dinner tonight. The Ramen I've been having is getting a bit old on the
Aegis Studios knows some of the most-interesting story lines from comics are the "what if" and "alternate universe" stories, where you take pre-established characters, change things around a little bi
Aegis Studios subscribes to the multiverse theory of reality (and being a big science buff, myself, I could go on and on about the subject, though really just from a layman's perspective, but still, I
Green Ronin only has a few hours left in their Love 2 Hate Kickstarter campaign. They're really close to their goal. Will your pledge put them over?SourceFrom the campaign:Love 2 Hate is a party game