Green Miniatures

Green Miniatures Holding Miniature Competition

Do you want to help shape the look of a miniatures game? All of us certainly have our thoughts on what figures in a game should look like, and this is your chance to influence that. Green Miniatures is looking to you to help them out create figures based on the battle of Tannenberg. Just find a photo/drawing of the battle and point out which soldier you think should be made into a mini. You could win and that soldier will be put into the game.

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World War One Rules Set Now Available in English

I studied WWI a lot back when I was getting my degree. I find that conflict fascinating, and it really was the foundation for everything that happened in the 20th Century. I'm often saddened about how it's often overlooked. Which is why I'm happy to see a set of rules for playing miniatures games in that setting. Green Miniatures has translated their Polish World War One miniatures game rule to English. They're free to download, too!

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