Green Fairy Studios

Green Fairy Studios LLC Releases Lygari! Card Game

We've all told tall tales from our past. It was really a $5 bill and not a $100 you found that one time on the ground. The fish you caught was only 2lbs and not 10lbs. You only defeated 3 frost giants and not 16. You know how it goes. But sometimes you might be telling the truth and you really did defeat 5 trolls. It's all about knowing when to bluff. And that's what you'll be doing in Lygari!, a new card game available for Print-on-Demand from Green Fairy Studios.

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Green Fairy Studios Launches Patreon Campaign

While Kickstarter might get the lion's share of crowdfunding dollars, there's more than one way to help out your favorite gaming companies through such means. Patreon lets you basically subscribe to a company or project, giving regular payments in order for cool rewards. Green Fairy Studios has recently launched their own Patreon page. They will be using the funding from it in order to create more games.

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