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I've almost run out of Thanksgiving leftovers. I still have some turkey and some sweet potato casserole, along with just a touch of one pumpkin pie left. BTW: the sweet potatoes still being around are
The American Football season is starting later this week. So I'm sure a lot of people are going to be starting up fantasy football leagues. That's both types of fantasy football, mind you. If you're t
Well, it's Friday again. Woo!I hope your week went by as quickly as mine did. Being busy after a long weekend will do that. And this weekend looks to be really busy as well. Lots of projects just show
The American Football Season is over. It's a long, long wait until it starts back up again.... ... But in the meantime, you can still play fantasy football games. And if you're looking to pick up a ne
Greebo Games does a lot to create new fantasy sports teams for you to augment your collections with. For 2015's World Cup NAF, they created a limited-edition team that everyone got. The team was sort
Friday. One of the most beloved of days. Just make it through today and the weekend is your reward. Hopefully you've got some gaming lined up. I'm going to be playing some D&D. I've got a bard named L
Greebo ran a successful Indiegogo campaign for these fellas and now they're available for general release. You can pick up their Hand of Death Japanese Rats fantasy sports team over in their webshop.
Greebo is showing off the completed Ziggs model from League of Legends that they've been working on.SourceFrom the post:Also Ziggs from League of Legends ready, but not painted
Greebo Games is showing off renders for a new Ziggs mini, from League of Legends, that they've been working on.SourceFrom the post:From League of Legends : Ziggs, the hexplosives expert. Sculpted by G
Greebo is showing off the 3d render for their new Priest miniature they've been working on.SourceFrom the post:As promised Priest ready to be printed! We are spending time to this Hand of Death models
Greebo has a new render preview up for the minis they've been working on since their Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom the preview:This is the Big Guy hero for the Hand of Death. So it will be very big!
Greebo has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new set of Rats and Turtles fantasy sports minis.SourceFrom the campaign:The project: this year Greebo Games is celebrating the ultimate technology,
Greebo has given us this announcement about their schism with Rolljordan.SourceFrom the announcement:The reason of this letter is to clarify a few aspects of the Rolljordan/Greebo scission.Many voices
Greebo is showing off these 3D renders for an Adolescent Martial-Artist Amphibian (note: that's my name for it, not necessarily theirs) and want to know what version you like the most.SourceFrom the p
Greebo has their holiday sale up and running over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:Xmas sales start now! Crazy discount up to 50% on all products: Fantasy Football, Fantasy Chess, miniatur
Australian Animals is sort of a super-group of a Kickstarter, bringing together companies like Impact, Aussie Block Dice, and Greebo in one place for a very special episode of Kickstarter.From the cam
Greebo posted up this new Steam Turtle picture. It's a turtle that's run by steam, not made of steam, just FYI.From the page:The Steam Turtle! So heavy, so awesome!
Greebo has another new fantasy sports team available in their store, the Sno Team.From the release:16 pieces metal model with round base 25mm1 x Yeti - 1 x Thrower2 x Lineman 1 - 2 x Lineman 22 x Line
Greebo has added some pretty excited new concepts to their Nippo Goblin team over on IndieGoGo. How about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Villains!?From the update:We want make more! Nippo team can't
Greebo posted up a photo of their WIP of the exclusive goblin they're making for their IndoeGoGo Nippo Goblin project.From the update:Wip for the exlusive Bonzo Miniatures
Greebo has the artwork for their Goblin Geishas that they're working on for their Nippon Goblin team. Have a look-see:From the preview:The concept for the extra Geisha (4400 goal).
Greebo has the artwork up for their second ninja goblin as well as the contributor-exclusive Bonzo Goblin for their IndieGoGo campaign.From the update: If we reach the goal and go over 400$ (so 440
Greebo keeps working on their new Japanese-inspired Goblin team. They've finished the fanatic and here it is.From the preview:Demonhead stone ball ready!
Greebo is almost halfway funded on their IndieGoGo campaign with still almost 2 months to go. They've also gotten the green worked out for the goblin with the dragon bomb. Here it is:From the preview:
Greebo has started up an IndieGoGo campaign to get a new fantasy football team funded: Nippon Goblins. I must say, I really want the dragon coach.From the campaign:Greebo's miniatures is a well known