Great War Miniatures

Great War Miniatures has new Crimean war cavalry models

Great War Miniatures continues their line of Crimean War models with some new cavalry. Yes, "The Charge of the Light Brigade" should be playing in your head when you look at the models.
These models available exclusively from North Star Military Figures.

From the release:

CBC8 - Light Brigade characters: Capt Nolan, Capt Morris, 'Butcher Jack'

Captain Louis Nolan of the 15th Hussars was ADC to General Airey, and delivered the order that produced one of the most famous actions in all of military history.

Jack Vahey, regimental butcher of the 17th Lancers, spent the night before Balaclava under guard because of over-indulging in commissariat rum, but the next morning he took part in the Charge of the Light Brigade in his bloody overalls, wielding a butchers axe and riding a captured Russian officer's horse.

Captain William Morris was in the front rank during the Charge, and was one of the first horsemen to reach the Russian guns. Having taken command of the 17th Lancers only days before the charge, he was still wearing his forage cap.

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Great WAR Miniatures Releases Crimean War

Great WAR Miniatures announces the latest figures in their 28mm Crimean war range are now available from North Star Military Figures. Please contact North Star for price and availability:

From their announcement:

CB36 Duke of Cambridge and mounted Guards colonel
CR16 Russian sailors advancing in pea jackets
CRA1 Russian 12pdr gun and four crew in forage caps, coatees and shirtsleeves
The 12pdr is also available with a 1/2 pud Licorne barrel.

Those of you waiting for the Light Brigade will be pleased to know that the Hussars and Lancers are finished, and I'm about half way through the Light Dragoons. Here's a sneak preview of one of the first castings

Also finished and at the mould makers are a Russian 36pdr naval gun with crew and a Russian staff group. The Russian cavalry are currently on the work bench together with a few vignettes to add variety to those Russian columns

Cheers, Dave A
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New Grenadier Guards at North Star

North Star Military Figures have new 28mm Crimean War figures from Great War Miniatures. 28mm Crimean War figures From their announcement:
Great War Miniatures have now added the Grenadier Guards to their range of British in the Crimean War. The figures are 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted. The Grenadier Guards come in three different packs. You can buy a six pack of Guards advancing, a six pack of Guards command group and a regimental pack containing 24 figures. We also offer a selection of paper flags for the Grenadier Guards in the Crimean War. The six packs cost £7.50 and the regimental pack costs £27.00 Great War Miniatures are available in the USA from Brigade Games. Great War Miniatures are sold at shows in the UK by Dave Thomas. The Grenadier Guards will be available at Salute on the Gripping Beast stand.

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