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Great Escape Games

Great Escape Games has a new Undertaker's Shop as well as some new furniture sets available over in their shop.I'd have to put a sign on mine that says "Rigor O'Mortis, the Smiling Undertaker."Name t
Great Escape Games will be at Crisis in Antwerp this weekend. Will you be able to stop by and say hello?I wish I was going.SourceFrom the announcement:We will be at Crisis in Antwerp on November 2nd w
Great Escape Games has released their Kingdom of Heaven sourcebook for Clash of Empires. Gamers who order early get a free Saladin miniature.SourceFrom the release:Kingdom of Heaven is the third sourc
Great Escape Games helps enhance your gaming with four new terrain pieces for Dead Man's Hand.SourceFrom the release:Loads of new stuff in the store recently, with a new wave of 4Ground/Dead Man's Han
Great Escape Games is now taking down names of those of you gamer that want their Kingdom of Heaven source book for the Clash of Empires system as soon as it's available.SourceFrom the announcement:Ki
Great Escape Games has their new Armed Citizens available for Dead Man's Hand.From the release:Out now from Great Escape Games for the Dean Man's Hand range. Sculpted by Steve Saleh.Dead Man's Hand ca
Great Escape Games has added to their Dead Man's Hand line with the release of new Armed Citizens.From the release:Dead Man's Hand can be a deadly place, some folks just keep their heads down and try
Great Escape Games gives you some more Western-themed terrain options with their new Marshal's and Sheriff's Offices piece.From the release:The Marshal's is one-storey and costs £24, the Sheriff's is
Great Escape Games has a new gallows terrain piece available over in their webshop.Your little mans Tuco better hope you also have a little mans Blondie on-hand.From the release:Pre-painted, 28mm scal
Great Escape Games helps you make your bases stand out with the release of new basing packs in their webstore.From the announcement:We have nearly 130 different Mininatur basing packs in the webshop.
Great Escape Games created a new starter bundle deal to get you playing Dead Man's Hand as quickly and easily as possible.Mount up, men! We'll head 'em off at the pass!From the announcement:Dead Man's
Great Escape Games has only one week left on their Dead Man's Hand Old West Building deal.From the announcement:The offer on the Dead Man's Hand/4Ground pre-painted Old West building set ends on the 2
Great Escape Games wants to make sure your games of Dead Man's Hand look as good as they can, so they're offering new pre-painted Old West buildings over on their website.From the announcement:The DEA
Great Escape Games updated their downloads page for Dead Man's Hand with some new content.From the update:We are busy updating the DMH section of the website and loading downloads, figure pictures, ex
Great Escape Games is going to be at Salute next weekend and they're bringing Dead Man's Hand with them.Fro the announcement:We're on stand TF14 – – and will have the miniature range, rul
Great Escape Games added two more box sets to their Dead Man's Hand collection: Cowboys and Desperados.From the update:We have the other two gangs - Desperados and Cowboys - to join the Lawmen and Out
Great Escape Games has released the Red Star Coven models over in their webshop.From the release:We've just released Red Star Coven miniatures on our website. This nascent range of super-fine resin fi
Great Escape Games has started taking down names of those that want their Dead Man's Hand Lawmen and Outlaws minis sets as soon as they're available. Be the first gamer on your block with these figure
Great Escape Games has started taking names of people who want their Dead Man's Hand game as soon as it's available. Be the first gamer on your block with it when it's released.From the announcement:P
Great Escape Games continues their previews for Dead Man's Hand with a look at the rules for shooting.From the preview:More news on DEAD MAN'S HAND, the Old West skirmish game out this April.The new i
Dead Man's Hand has some news about upcoming rulebooks, miniatures and even pre-painted terrain in their latest update.From the announcement:The Dead Man's Hand rule book, and its accompanying range o
Great Escape Games has posted up issue #1 of their Dead Man's Hand Chronicles webzine online for your reading pleasure.In this inaugural issue:The first instalment of the Dead Man's Hand Chronicle, a
Great Escape Games put up this little teaser photo for a new Western-style skirmish game they're working on called Dead Man's Hand. More info coming next week.From the tease:Coming Soon, DEAD MAN'S HA
Great Escape Games gives you more of what most WWII enthusiasts want more of: Tanks.From them to you:We've added the Sherman Mk V, Cromwell and four Valentines to the webstore.
Great Escape Games gives your bases and terrain some life with new basing material available now.From the release:Loads more Mininatur/Silflor items have been added to the Great Escape Games webstore