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Going Native

It's always nice when a Kickstarter is funding and then starts selling to the general public. Such is the case that we have here today. Paymaster Games has officially opened up their Pre-order store for Going Native, their skirmish miniatures game set in a fantasy version of Mesoamerica. All the kits from the Kickstarter up there for you to check out.

A dense fog falls over Atlanta this Wednesday. Though it's supposed to actually be a nice day later on.
A lot of people are headed towards Boston for PAX East this upcoming weekend. If you're traveling, travel safe, and listen to some Dropkick Murpheys along the way.
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Anyway, we've got another batch of bite-sized stories to share with you.

This time there's: Esper Crystals and Resin Bases for Relic Knights, Fabled Environments Launches Wild West Floorplans Kickstarter, Manorhouse Workshop Modular Underground Terrain Update #16, another nstallment of The Fiver from Meeple Mechanic, Ludus Magnus Studio Show the pladge level for Nova Aetas Kickstarter, New releases form O8 arrives at Assault Publishing, Loud Ninja Games to Release 15mm Ikwen Aliens, New 28mm Prehistoric Settlement minis from Steve Barber Models, New 25mm and 60mm Lipped Bases from Warlord Games, THMiniatures running Tabletop Terrain Kickstarter, Final Days for Going Native Kickstarter campaign, New German officer from Vepafigures, New Undead and Shaleground 40mm Bases Coming from Tabletop-Art, New Stretch Goals Announced for Faith RPG, New Egyptian Vampire Girls from Brother Vinni, and Halfsies Dice up on Kickstarter.

New World Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Going Native: New World Monsters. These are creatures from various folklore traditions of North, Central, and South America. They're already 3/4 funded with still 31 days to go. They're great for games of Going Native, but also good for sicking on your RPG groups.


From the campaign:
Paymaster Games made it past their funding goal for their Going Native game over on Kickstarter. They've still got some time left and have put up some videos about army creation as well as a bunch of new greens.

From the update:

To help us get to the Hawaiian Koa War Party i have added some old models that i made when i started my company to the add ons. Just to let you all know if we all up our pledges by $50 we will make it to Hawaii.

Paymaster Games gave us just the silhouette of their Mystery Spirit Beast for Going Native the other day. Here's the full artwork.

From the update:

The Lake Monster found in the lakes of the americans are know by meny names, Ogopogo, Memphre, Nahuelito, Champ, Ouampenanagoag, just to name a few. But all of these bease share similar traits like a long neck, and is very long. Some cryptozoological ideas have the american lake monster being a plesiosaur or ancient whale. Give the climate these monsters are found, others believe that they are much more likely related to a Sturgeon.

This is a special Spirit Beast will be made available to all levels Warrior and above as a Spirit Beast add on upon reaching $7000. If we reach the $9000 goal by Tuesday 10/30, every one that has the Wise Old Fox level kit or above will recieve one American Lake Monster for no additional cost.

Going Native is showing of the silhouette for their Mystery Spirit Beast.

From the update:

A mystery spirit beast has been spotted in the dark waters in the lakes of north and south america.

This is a special Spirit Beast will be made available to all levels Warrior and above as a Spirit Beast add on upon reaching $7000. If we reach the $9000 goal by Tuesday 10/30, every one that has the Wise Old Fox level kit or above will recieve one of these Mystery Spirit Beast for no additional cost.

Going Native from Paymaster Games has made it up over their funding level over on Kickstarter. Woo!
They've also posted up some artwork for the Mo'o. Check it out.

From the update:

As we work on the first strech goal, i wanted to show you the consept sketch of the Mo'o. The Mo'o is the spirit beast that comes with the Hawaiian Koa Starter Kit.

The Mo'o is one of the most Common Guardian Spirits though out the cultures of the Pacific Islands. The Mo'o takes the form of a gekko, and it protects pools of fresh clean water on the islands.

Paymaster Games broke through their funding goal limit! Woo!
They're also showing off the green for the Pacific NW War Chief. Go look.

From the update:

By request, there are now all model pledge options that offer Spirit Beast in place of Core Rule books. These all model kits are great deals. For example, the Wise Old Fox All Model kit offer 60 man sized models for $3 each and the 6 spirit beasts that come with the kit are free. These kits are limited in number, so you may want to jump on it while there are some left.

I am proud to announce that Ian Mountain just finished the Pacific Northwest War Chief. This is the planned War Chief for the Pacific Northwest Tribes War Party Starter Kit.

This model was inspired by photos of the Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw) tribe taken in the early 1900s.

Also by fan request, we have also made some avatars.

Paymaster Games has also updated their Kickstarter campaign with a listing of what will be in each of the starter boxes for Going Native.

From the update:

Hello Every one,

I have gotten the much requested contents to each starter kits of the Going Native: Warpath Kickstarter Campaign.

Each Starter Kit comes with 15 models, One War Chief, One Officer, 12 Warriors and 1 Spirit Beast. The Starter kits start at the $50 pledge level. Please Check it out.

All of the pledge levels come with the Limited Release Monster Hunter Model.

Paymaster Games gives us another look at what they've got in store for Going Native with a preview of the Ahuizotl Otter.

From the preview:

As we Progress, it is time for another update. This update is to the Aztec Triple Alliance War Party Starter kit. The Spirit Beast that comes with that kit is the Ahuizotl Otter.

Cryptozoologists believe the Ahuizotl Otter was once the largest Otter that has ever lived in North America and was native to the lakes and streams of Mesoamerica. According to the myths of the Aztecs and the other groups in Mesoamerica, The Ahuizotl Otter had a hand on its tail and often attacked and drowned people that wandered it to deep water. According to the logs of Christopher Columbus, he encountered one as it attack and killed a rather ill-tempered Spanish boar.

The planned size of this beast is about 20mm to 25mm at the withers and will be mounted on a new style 40mm round base.

Thanks Guys
See you next update.

Paymaster Games has made it to the halfway point in their Kickstarter and has an update with a new green they're working on.

From the update:

This project is advancing better then i ever thought. We are almost to the half way point and it is amazing.

Let me show you the War Chief of the Aztec Triple Alliance War Party Starter Kit - The Tlacateccatl.

The Tlacateccatl was the second highest ranked officer in the Aztec army. In modern times this title is roughly equivalent to a General. The Tlacateccatl were members of the Aztec elite shock troops known as the Shorn Ones.

Paymaster Games has started a Kickstarter campaign for their new minis wargame, Going Native: Warpath.
Go have a look-see.

From the campaign:

Paymaster Games first game, Going Native: Warpath is set for release in the summer of 2013 and we are currently raising funds and selling preorders on Kickstarter. Going Native: Warpath focuses on the native cultures of the Americas and the Pacific and their mythology. We are taking a completely new approach to natives then other games; our game is set in a time before the Europeans arrived in America or the Pacific. Instead of large armies with several models that most historical games require that you make to, Going Native: Warpath takes different approach. Instead of large armies, GN:W forces are smaller and faster groups that resemble realistic War Parties that were formed when it was time to go to war.

We also approached Native American myths and legends as well. Unlike the myths of Europe and Asia, the legendary creatures of the Americas are largely unknown to the average gamer or hobbyist. One of the goals of Going Native: Warpath was to bring these amazing and bizarre creatures to the table top for the first time. Your armies, referred to as War Parties in this game, would not only be able to field the better known American creatures like Feathered Serpents, Sasquatch, or the Thunderbird, but they would also get the opportunity to use fiery Cherufe, the powerful Piasa, or the seductive Deer Woman as well.


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