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Megalith Games expands their Godslayer line with some new Mortans.
Makes me want to watch Jason and the Argonots.


From the release:

Victory through death is the motto of the Legio Mortum, the doomed undead Legionnaires of the Mortan Empire.

Legions which have dishonored themselves are stripped of their colors and ritually executed, then reanimated. In undeath the fallen have a chance to redeem their legion's honor.

Individually they represent a tenacious annoyance, and in large numbers the Legio Mortum is a horrifying threat.
That is because these undead troops suffer half damage and have ability which restore all of their lost life-points to full at the end of the round for any models not completely destroyed!

Meanwhile the Mortifex warlord is adding new members to their ranks and boosting them with powerful magic.

Able to blast foes, enhance undead troops or even buff living models, the Mortifex is a versatile warlord not restricted to undead warbands.

Megalith Games is previewing the next release for Godslayer with a look at the Carnifexers.


From the preview:

Godslayer - Praetorians

They come, they see, they conquer. They are the Carnifexers - elite Praetorians of the Mortan Legions.

These reinforcements will be the next unit to be released for the Mortans faction (following the heels of the Legio Mortum that#s planned to be released within the next 1-2 weeks).

Armed with POW 6 Halberds and encased in ARM 8 armor, these heavy infantry have both serious hitting power and staying power.

Designed to take on the tougher enemies of the Empire, the Carnifexers can cut through heavily armoured foes and monsters with ease.

Coming soon to a battlefield near you!

Megalith Games has some new Godslayer releases for you. They've got some Wyldfolk as well as the Ogham Megalith.

From the announcement:

On top of the Ogham Megalith (released at the weekend), here comes a new Warlord and new unit for Godslayer's Wydfolk faction.

The Wyldfolk Faction represents the wild, nature-loving, tribes of the West, inspired by ancient Celtic cultures.

The Farfarer warlord and the Scabhta Hunters unit are members of the Wyldfolk's Fiannor sub-faction - nomadic herders and hunters of the prairies, heath-lands and moors.

Both are exceedingly lethal with their favored weapon - the longbow - and are in fact the best shooters in the game to date. Enemies of the Wyldfolk beware!

Megalith Games has some new Godslayer releases available now over in their webshop. They're the Einherjer box set and the Runegate Keeper.

From the release:

Guardians of the Runewall, Hard as nails, the Einherjer are an elite holy brotherhood devoted to the patron god of Nordgaard.

With thick armor and 2-handed poleaxes, these sons of the north are a true heavy infantry unit to be reckoned with.

Released at the same time is the second Warlord for the Nordgaard - The Runegate Keeper - similarly equipped as the Einherjer - is a true melee killer warlord to lead your Nordgaard warbands to victory.

Megalith Games shows off some new previews for Godslayer.

From the preview:

Good news for Troglodytes and Halodynes players - the new warlords for these factions have just been released this week.

Halodynes gets the Oracle - the greatest spell-caster in the game.

Meanwhile Troglodytes gets the Obsidian Nightmare. This ethereal killer is also a spell-caster.

Those releases are accompanied by the Sacred Familiar miniature which will be a great add-on for your Halodyne spellcasters!

More Warlords coming soon:
Nordgaard - Runegate Keeper
Wyldfolk - Farfarer

Megalith Games has another preview up for Godslayer with a look at the Norgaard Einherjer.

From the preview:

The Einherjer represent the elite fighting force of the Gøderguard; a militant order dedicated to the worship of Nordgaard's founding hero-god.

Across Ghorn, hardy Dwarves make the journey north to the land of permanent ice, there to take vows, and earn their place in the feast-hall of the god Haldan in the afterlife.

Armed with poleaxes and equipped in blessed armor, these warriors constitute an elite melee unit of the Guilds sub-faction - one which is decisively useful for any Nordgaard warband.

Feast your eyes upon these awesome sculpts by our friend SCIBOR.

Megalith Games lets us know about the next sets of Godslayer releases in their latest update.

From the announcement:

It is finally time for some new releases!

Due to some delays with the painting of the product photo models, we decided to combine two release waves and bring you the models as soon as they are ready. In this was we essentially release the new warlords of each faction together, or shortly after, the new unit release.

We will therefore immediately release the new Halodyne and Troglodytes warlords: the Oracle and the Obsidian Nightmare.
Megalith Games shows off another new unit for Godslayer with a preview of the Legio Mortis.

From the preview:

For the soldiers of the Mortan Empire duty never ends and sacrifice is the keystone of their culture.
Legions which have dishonored themselves are stripped of their colors and ritually executed, then reanimated.
In undeath the fallen have a chance to redeem their legion's honor.
Soon Mortan players have the opportunity to add some undead reinforcements to their ranks.

Will your undead legions redeem their lost honor and be granted the peace of the grave by the emperor?
All images are the WIP images shortly before the final stage, but ignoring the white stuff holding them together and on the bases, you can still get a good idea of how cool they look.

Megalith Games is showing off another upcoming model for Godslayer with a preview of the 3D render for the Cyclops.

From the preview:

The Godslayer Cyclops prepares for battle.

This time we have a preview of the Banebrood Cyclops for you!

The Cyclops will be a real beast on the battlefield, standing about 85mm tall (maybe even a little taller).

He can stomp his enemies into the ground or just incinerate them with his baleful eye!

We hope you like this preview 3D render of the miniature!

The Cyclops is a creature for Godslayer's Banebrood faction.

Megalith Games is showing off some 3D renders they've made for the Sons of War.

From the preview:

...and the word is WAR!

Behold the Sons of War!

Just to whet your appetites we are previewing a sneak peak of the sons of War miniatures for GODSLAYER.

As Temple Warriors of the God of War, the Sons of War are the apex of martial might.

Skilful, fast, and powerful they are the ultimate killing machines, and these great 3D sculpts capture their ferocity and impressive panoply.

These miniatures represent the next unit to be releases for the Halodynes faction of GODSLAYER

Megalith Games has announced their upcoming Warpainter painting contest for Godslayer.

From the announcement:

Grab your brushes and paint up your miniatures!

It is on, the first official Megalith Games Painting Contest: the WARPAINTER CONTEST!

From now on we are going to have regular painting contests that will allow you to show your painting and conversion skills, with prizes for the winners of different categories!

You can find all details about the contest in our newly created WARPAINTER section. Help us to get as many people involved in the contest as possible by linking to the WARPAINTER section of our website and sharing the advertisement image wherever you can!

We hope to get as many of you joining our contest as possible!

So let's start painting and having some fun!

Megalith Games gives us a look at the final version of their Reaver Titan model for Godslayer.

From the preview:


We are excited to be able to show you the finished sculpt of the Reaver Tyrant - the next warlord for the Banebrood faction.

Here he is, seething with brooding malice for the all fools who embrace civilization instead of the law of the wild.

This guy will be cast in the next few days, which is great news for many of our Kickstarter backers.

Megalith Games has posted up a preview of their Longshadows unit for Godslayer over on their website.

From the preview:

Troglodyte players can be happy as these Shadow Troll reinforcements join their ranks.

Made of living shadow and clothed in rags and armor, these elemental warriors bring doom with their mace attacks as well as with their magical attacks.

Being ethereal, these frightening beings halve the damage they receive, and if that were not enough, the unit is also able to cast spells!

Megalith Games shows off another new unit for Godslayer with a look at the Hill Ogres.

From the preview:

Living among the high valleys and the foothills, these tribes of Ogres have been an integral part of the Halodyne culture since its inception and are a vital component of Halodyne warbands.

The Cornucopian Mountains form a border around the Halodyne lands, and so the hill-tribe ogres are often the first affected when enemy raids or an invasion takes place.

Besides that, the mountains are rife with a plethora of deadly beasts.

No wonder then that the Hill Ogres are exceedingly capable in melee, wielding deadly two-handed falxes.

Megalith Games gives us a look at the Valkyrie they've got coming out for Godslayer.

From the preview:

It is only a matter of time before the Asrae gods march once more to war as they have done numerous times in the past. To replenish the warriors of their Heavenly Hosts, the Asrae induct the souls of mighty mortal warriors who die in battle.

The Valkyries snatch these souls before they pass on to the planes of the dead, then carry them upon their steeds to the land of the gods - there to feast and fight until the next celestial conflict.

Megalith Games shows off another new model for Godslayer with a look at the Obsidian Nightmare.

From the preview:

When the Black Maw consumed the Red Sun, the reality membrane between the Material and Shadow Planes burst, ripping open great gashes in the sky, and gloom spewed forth across the six worlds carrying within it denizens of Shadow. Some of the mightiest of these beings were accounted powerful lords in their native realm, and are today known to Mortals as Obsidian Nightmares.

Megalith Games has another preview up for Godslayer. This one's the Oracle.
No word on if she smokes and bakes cookies.

From the preview:

Behold the Oracle, greatest spell-caster of the game, and a warlord of tremendous power.

With her magical abilities to sustain two spells and immunity to magic combined with her tactic to increase the damage of her magic as well as with her MAG skill of 8 plus access to 5 spells from a choice of 18 different options, the Oracle is a terrifying spell-caster.

Halodyne players feast your eyes on the upcoming release of this gorgeous miniature.

Megalith Games is showing off the green of the next Wyrdfolk warlord, Fiannor Farfarer.

From the preview:

We are proud to show you a sneak peek of the forthcoming second warlord for the Wyldfolk.

This is the Fiannor Farfarer, who he is the warlord of the Fiannor subfaction, scheduled for release in around 4-8 weeks, immediately following the Scabhta Hunters.

The Farfarer is the best archer in the game so far and he has tactics to enhance shooty units, enabling them to shoot more frequently and with greater accuracy.

This great sculpt captures his lethal accuracy and "scouty" nature.

Oh, and do not wonder why the bow is not bend that much! This you will be able to do as you like once it is cast in metal!

Megalith Games gives us a look at their workbench with WIP greens of Einherjer and the Runegate Keeper for Godslayer.

From the preview:

So, we got some Hi-Res images from Scibor today, showing the WIP Einherjer as well as the Runegate Keeper.

Some of you were worried about the size and proportions, so Scibor also included an image on which he compares the Einherjer and the Runegate Keeper to our existing dwarves! I think that's proof that everything is fine! :)

Ok, so let us know what you think about them

Megalith Games shows off another new unit for Godslayer with the Necromagus.

From the preview:

In advance of the coming Legio Mortum release comes the Necromagus as vanguard of the Mortans undead Magistratum subfaction.

This necromancer who dwells in the gateway between life and death is exactly what you need to support your undead Mortan models with his spells and his ancestral powers.

Besides that, the Necromagus also has access to spells to enhance your regular living models, so is a very useful character for any Mortan warband.

This macabre and majestic sculpt embodies the brooding malice of the Necromagus.

Coming to your tabletop soon!

Godslayer, from Megalith Games, has made it up and over their first stretch goal, adding custom dice to the pot.
And who doesn't love custom dice?

From the update:

We have really made it! We hit the 30K mark and unlocked the first STRETCH GOAL!!! Thank you all so much! I can´t wait to get those dice for myself :)

Megalith Games is showing off more stuff for Godslayer with a look at the Cerberos.
And yes, that's how the company spells it, so that's how I'm spelling it.

From the preview:

The Cerberos is the latest release for the Halodynes. Cast in metal and standing 75mm tall, it is an imposing menace. These creatures, which are bred by the temple-cults and blessed by the gods, are used to guard the weak-points in the fabric of reality. They also accompany Halodynes into battle, leaping ahead of the troops to take out light units, characters and war-machines.

With up to five attacks per turn (plus slay-movement), this triple-headed creature is an excellent offensive monster to intimidate your opponent.

Wee Gamers has posted up a video review of Godslayer, the fantasy game from Megalith Games.

From the review:

Wee Gamers give you pictures as well as sound this time as they review Godslayer from Megalith Games. Megalith have a Kickstarter to expand the game and translate it into German. It has only a few days left and has already reached its target to be funded.

Wee Gamers posted up the most recent podcast for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Wee Gamers, along with their guest The Hairy Painter, give their first impressions of Megalith Games Godslayer miniature skirmish game. They have literally just opened the parcel and had a look and liked what they saw.

Godslayer, from Megalith Games, is right about halfway to their funding goal with still a lot of time left on the clock. To help things along, several gameplay and faction videos have been posted. Here's a sample one talking about the Halodynes:

From the campaign:

All right, so for those of you that are unhappy with the Shirt and the Feldherr case, we have added two more pledge levels.

The first one is called CENTURIA COMMANDER and is basically the COHORT COMMANDER reward without the shirt and the Feldherr case for 110£.
The second one is called WARHOST PRINCE and is the no shirt, no Feldherr case version of the WARHOST KING reward for 160£.

Please note that there´s just a small difference of 15£, that´s because I already tried to explain that the shirt and the case are basically a gift... we cannot reduce the prices any more on that, so I hope you understand us.

Ok, one more thing: we had to change the COHORT COMMANDER optional to be available from the CENTURIA COMMANDER optional onwards.
Ah, and the faction review video of the HALODYNES has been added!