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The ancient world is being rocked by conflict. Gods, monsters, heroes, all are all coming together to assert their dominance. That's what's happening in Godslayer. And they've taken to Kickstarter in
The process to create models for a game is a long and complex one, with artists, sculptors, and producers going back and forth on designs until everything is juuuuuuust right... Or, at least, just rig
So you're a settlement on the English coastline. Things are going fine until, one day, you see ships on the horizon. Viking longships. And you're like, "oh, this is bad." And then you realize that tho
Sometimes you want to just jump into a whole army at once. None of this, "just get a single unit and see how it goes" sort of thing. You jump in, head-first into the deep end. Well, that's what you ca
Everyone likes getting their money's worth. And so, when you see a sale, you might want to jump at the chance to get something at a special price. Well, if you've been looking at trying out Godslayer,
The forecast for today in Atlanta has it getting into the 90s. Being a polar bear as I am, I prefer something a bit more... arctic. So while it's heating up outside, I'm looking to cool things down on
As a game goes along, older sculpts can seem to not quite fit in with current designs. New sculptors or art directors come in and things might not look as good as they once did. That's where resculpts
Sometimes an old sculpt fora mini doesn't quite cut it anymore. New artists are hired, or older artists' craft gets better. Maybe something about the original made it difficult to mold. Or maybe just
Having recently gone through moving the offices here, I can certainly understand how it'd cause a delay with products going out. Add to that a bit of resculpting, and you can see why it's been a bit s
There are many legends of epic battles between heroes and ferocious beasts. Stories of extraordinary humans versus the worst of what nature can throw at them. Now those battles can be brought to your
Dwarves are such a hardy race. Look at them there, all snuggled up in their warm coats. I bet their definition of "cold" versus yours is drastically different, just like me and the rest of the populat
After a bit of silence, we're getting a couple new releases from Megalith Games for Godslayer in fairly quick succession. This time around it's the Amazon Hunters cavalry unit. Note: That's Amazons wh
The Mortans for Godslayer are getting themselves some new reinforcements to make sure that when those gods are slayed, they stay slayed! They're getting some new soldiers in the form of the Xisteri Bo
We've made it through another week. *throws a party*It seems to be the general consensus that this week "took forever." Has that been the case for you?Anyway, that's all in the past, as the weekend wi
Megalith Games has several new Godslayer releases funded by their Kickstarter campaign that they're showing off.SourceFrom the post:This month features a character release for most factions as well as
Megalith Games is showing off their new Sons of War unit for Godslayer.SourceFrom the preview:PREVIEW - THE SONS OF WAROk, I bet many of you have been waiting for this moment! The Sons of War are near
Megalith Games has their latest releases for Godslayer now available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:New reinforcements march forth for the Banebrood and Wyldfolf factions, with the relea
Megalith Games has posted some photos of the green for The Mortan Moloch Putrid Abomination mini they've been working on as part of their Godslayer Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:Megalit
Megalith Games is showing off renders for their Reaver Runts minis they're working on.SourceFrom the preview:Gnolls constitute the third subfaction of the Troglodytes in Megalith's game - Godslayer. T
Megalith Games has some greens up of their new Wycca Warriors for you to check out.SourceFrom the preview:Death-Cultists worship Dhannya in her aspect of Morrigu the Crone – the avenger, cleanser, and
Megalith Games is showing off some new 3D renders, WIPs and other greens for Godslayer over on their Kickstarter page.SourceFrom the preview:In the taiga, tundra and mountain ranges of Calydorn roams
Megalith Games is showing off the green they're working on for their upcoming Bisotaur Shaman for Godslayer.SourceFrom the preview:Exposure to waves of raging Urghast energy causes horrific mutations
Megalith Games has posted up some new units for Godslayer over in their website.SourceFrom them to you:The first two of the six new units for Godslayer have been released for the start of 2014.First u
Megalith Games posted up some new Banebrood releases for Godslayer over on their website. Check 'em out.SourceFrom the release:The cannibal tribes of of Calydorn are coming to dinner.....guess what's
Megalith Games is showing off some preview shots of their upcoming Amazons models on their website.SourceFrom the preview:The Amazons hold sway over the plains, steppe, and wastes bordering the Halody