Godsfall Worldbook Available For Pre-Orders

I love when I see a thing that was originally a Kickstarter campaign not only fund and then deliver, but become available for general release. This is one such story. You can now order the Godsfall worldbook for your very own. Godsfall is a setting for 5th Edition based on the Godsfall podcast. There's all manner of information, from the different races, to the deities, to the history of the realm. Get your name on the list and get the book as soon as it's available.

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Godsfall Worldbook for 5e Up On Kickstarter

The gods of old didn't really get along. One would say the other's toga looked wrinkled, or that their laurel wreath was browning, or their mother's recipe for ambrosia tarts was better. And then all hell broke loose... Or, I guess it was "all heavens broke loose" as the gods went to war. As various gods died, and the battles were fought, magic (both arcane and divine) were stripped from the world, and various places were simply blasted into oblivion. The war has ended, and humanity is still picking up the pieces. But a god can't really die. Not fully. And the power they used is seeking new vessels. That's where you come in. That's also the story behind Godsfall. There's a Kickstarter campaign running to bring the setting to 5e.

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Playtest Now Available for the Godsfall RPG

The Godsfall RPG has posted up the playtest version of their rules over on their Kickstarter page.
They're about halfway to their goal with still 11 days to go.


From the announcement:

Playtest rules, including character generation, weapons & armor with both material modifier and racial origin modifiers, spell lists, and mystic masteries, are now available. For a $1 backer pledge, you have full access to the playtest pdf document. This is your chance to try it out before the official game launch on Free RPG Day 2014. Check it out, tell us what you think!

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New Godsfall preview art posted

Geek & Sundry is showing off some new concept art for Godsfall, the post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG.


From the preview:

Artwork for The Godsfall RPG, currently on kickstarter, has been featured in Geek & Sundry's tumblr blog. The curious-looking water elemental, a mournful ghost, and hungry ghoul by comic artist Z. Crockett (Opey the Warhead, Anyone But Virginia) were chosen for their Artist Spotlight.

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Even Deities can trip

Godsfall is a new fantasy post-apocalyptic RPG that's up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding now.


From the campaign:

The Godsfall RPG was born of frustration with the direction RPGs have gone. Keeping track of 1384 hit points is a design fail. Flipping through six pages of a character sheet to decide what effect your super special supermove does against an enemy is a design fail. Needing a computer program (which you have to subscribe and pay monthly for) and two hours to generate a character is a design fail. Having to stop gameplay to look up a table, chart, figure, appendix, list, matrix, graph, or any other word that I haven't thought of is a design fail. Games are meant to be played. So we have spent three years developing a system that lets you:

Create a character in 10 min if you're new, 2 if you're experienced.
Record your entire character on one side of one sheet of paper.
Never have to pause gameplay to look up results or clarify rules.

We hope you have as much fun playing it as we had developing it!

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