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I love when I see a thing that was originally a Kickstarter campaign not only fund and then deliver, but become available for general release. This is one such story. You can now order the Godsfall wo
The gods of old didn't really get along. One would say the other's toga looked wrinkled, or that their laurel wreath was browning, or their mother's recipe for ambrosia tarts was better. And then all
The Godsfall RPG has posted up the playtest version of their rules over on their Kickstarter page.They're about halfway to their goal with still 11 days to go.SourceFrom the announcement:Playtest rule
Geek & Sundry is showing off some new concept art for Godsfall, the post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG.SourceFrom the preview:Artwork for The Godsfall RPG, currently on kickstarter, has been featured in Gee
Godsfall is a new fantasy post-apocalyptic RPG that's up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding now.SourceFrom the campaign:The Godsfall RPG was born of frustration with the direction RPGs have g