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God of Battles

Wargames Foundry is having themselves a sale on God of Battles, their fantasy miniatures rules set, over in their webshop.

God of Battles


From the announcement:

Wargames Foundry has started off with not only a new move and change of manageemnt but a sale as well with their God of Battles Rule set only £12.50!
The book has over 285 full colour pages, weighs over 3.2 lbs. and contains hundreds of exquisite Kevin Dallimore photos.

God of Battles has a fan-based Facebook group that's going to have a giveaway when they hit 75 members.

From the announcement:

Some enterprising folks have set up a God of Battles group on FaceBook and as a way of encouraging people to join they’ve giving one random member a free blister from the range once they reach 75.

Wargames Foundry adds to the God of Battles line with the releases their Spawns Tag Team.

From the release:

The release day for Wargames Foundries God of Battles event was a great success and saw gamers from various areas of the country attend and battle it out. The smooth and dynamic play of the game meant that several battles were fought out to a bloody conclusion, much to the enjoyment of those watching.
From this small-key event saw the germination of an evolving idea, from the game designer jake Thornton and some enthusiastic gamers on the day leads to Foundry Arena.

Quote from Jake Thornton's Blog:
“…from now on we’ll be having a God of Battles meet on the first Saturday of each month, at Foundry HQ in Nottingham.
“My idea is simply to play games of God of Battles with the various armies that I and others are building. Anyone is welcome and there is no charge. If you haven’t played the game and want a demo then feel free to potter along and we’ll show you how it plays. You don’t need to bring an army as there’ll be one about, I’m sure.
Alternatively, if you already have an army and/or know the game then the more the merrier. There are half a dozen tables to game on and lots of space so there’s no problem fitting an extra general in. You don’t have to come every time, just pop along when you can make it and fancy a scrap!
If we have enough regulars then I’ll probably try out some new ideas I’ve got, mainly based around campaigns and more scenarios. As GoB is so quick we’ll be able to get 2, 3 or 4 games each in a day, so a mini-campaign in a day is entirely possible.
Mainly though, this is just a place to come and play ”

Marcus the new manager of Wargames Foundry understandably has also expressed interest and excitement with this new project, and has agreed to not only offer the shop floor space and several tables for the games to be run on. Which for those with a sharp eye will recognise some of them from being featured on a Television show; But has even proposed an epic original Space Hulk game and an all day campaign of their wild west game system, The rules with No Name.

So exciting times with Foundry.

Wargames Foundry will be holding an open house at their headquarters to celebrate the release of God of Battles.

From the invitation:

Wargames Foundry on the On the 1st and 2nd March 2013 10:30am is opening its doors in order to celebrate the momentous release of God of Battles a 28mm tabletop wargame.

The game created by renown games designer Jake Thornton, who has created a what could be considered a breath of fresh air in an already full fantasy wargame system.

The system is innovative and active, bringing a quick death and fun system back into the Sunday afternoon gaming sessions.

Jake Thornton will be there on both days to talk to anyone who will listen about GoB and run folk through the rules, and maybe into a

If you have some fantasy mini's feel free to bring a small army along. And Foundry is looking for players so bring yourself bring bribe or beg anyone you can think of to come on down.

More advertising the better.

Remember tea/coffee and biscuits are available.

Wargames Foundry, 24-34 St marks Street, Nottingham NG3 1DE