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Goalsystem is over on sale over on Go get yourself a copy.From the sales sheet:Goalsystem rules from Scott Pyle are on sale for 20% OFF, this Friday (11/30/12) at wargamedownload
Goalsystem Delves now has their game rules PDF available over at Wargamedownloads. Go check it out.From the announcement:The Kickstarter successful Goalsystem Delves from Four-Color Studio has been re
Four Color Studios wanted it to be known that they're working on Ghosts of Hefei, a Goalsystem expansion to The Department.From the announcement:The Four Color Studios team is very pleased to announce
Goalsystem Delves has under 2 days and around $300 to go to be funded. For motivation...Considering the amount of kobolds that generally are slain in a game, what's one more? But you should still cons
Goalsystem Delves has just 5 days left and $2k to go for funding. With that, they've got another update to get you interested in their cause.From the campaign:Be on your guard as the fifth Goalsystem
Goalsystem Delves is closing in on one week left in their campaign. They've got a little over $3k to go to make it. To entice you, they've put up a sample of part of Chapter 1.From the campaign:First,
Goalsystem is more than halfway there to their funding goal on Kickstarter. For their latest update, they wanted to show off the rules they've made for the time between adventures, while your heroes a
Goalsystem Delves is right at about $4k short of their goal with still 18 days left in the campaign, so plenty of time to make up the difference. To help out, they're showing off a new model, the Oni
Goalsystem is a little more than halfway to their funding goal with still 27 days to go in their campaign. They've put up another incentive for you to help them make it the rest of the way.A fully pai
Goalsystem Delves has made it about halfway up to their target goal on Kickstarter. For more impetus to help out, they're showing off the new Clawed Stalker.From the announcement:Greetings delvers!Our
Goalsystem Delves has the first update of their Kickstarter campaign and is showing off two of the exclusive models for the project: halfling adventurers.From the update:Greetings delvers!Here are pic
Goalsystem Delves is a new project up on Kickstarter. It's sort of a blend of old-fashioned RPG games with minis skirmish games. Check it out.From the project:Goalsystem Delves seamlessly blends RPG a
Four-Color Figures have reached the funding goal for their The Department sic-fi rules. From their announcement: With just two days to go, we have shot past our funding goal. I'd like to extend my si
The Department is in the last days of its fundraising effort. From their announcement: With just three days left on the Kickstarter drive, we are tantalizingly close to our goal. We only need 16 more
This is the last week of fundraising for Four-Color Figures The Department sci-fi rules. From their announcement: The Kickstarter drive is entering its final week. We've raised over $2000 for the g
Four-Color Figures is having a Facebook based contest to promote their upcoming The Department sci-fi rules. From their announcement: I'd like to announce The Department Facebook contest. All you hav
Four-Color Figures have posted an Example of Play from their upcoming The Department rules. From their announcement: Four Color Figures has posted an example of play on The Department official websit
Four Color Figures is using Kickstarter to fund their next game. From their announcement: The Department is a tabletop miniature game set in a near future America where Fabricated Human Simulants,'s online store is now offering the Goalsystem series of rules. From their announcement: Scott Pyle's range of "GoalSystem" games are now available for instant purchase and download from th
The Four-Color Figures blog has announced an upcoming sci-fi game using the Goalsystem rules. From their announcement: Just a note letting folks know I am currently working on and play-testing the ne
Four-Color Figures have released the Labors of the Gods rules. From their announcement: Form a warband and adventure through Bronze Age Greece in a world where living myths walk among men! Build Demi is now offering PDF copies of the Labors of the Gods by Scott Pyle. From their announcement: Form a warband and adventure through Bronze Age Greece in a world where living myths