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Gleipnir Games

I'll often see Kickstarter campaigns that don't make it to their funding goal the first time through. And you know, a lot of people will say, "that's it. We didn't make it. It's over." But honestly, t
Gliepnir Games is showing off the render for the Heavy Weapon Marine over on their The 8th Day Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:Gleipnir Games is previewing the sculpt for their Heavy Weapo
Gleipnir Games is showing off a bit of their rulebook for 8th Day, as well as a play through video for an introductory mission.SourceFrom the update:Gleipnir Games has put up the rulebook of their Boa
Gleipnir Games has launched their semi-cooperative board game of alien invasion, the 8th Day, Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:The 8th Day is a semi-cooperative board game for 2-7 players
Gleipnir Games is showing off some more concept art for their upcoming Kickstarter for The 8th Day, their new sci-fi board game.From the preview:Gleipnir Games shows off more art for their upcoming bo
Gleipnir Games is showing off the first previews for their upcoming board game The 8th Day.From the preview:Gleipnir Games is posting up previews from their Upcoming boardgame The 8thDay and beginning