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Ginger Ale Games

Zombies, zombies, everywhere and all the brains to eat.
As Roger, from The Whiteboard, tells us, fire is a great way to control the movement of zombies. As such, the fellows over at Ginger Ale Games have titled their new expansion for Eaten By Zombies the Burn it Down expansion. It's up on Kickstarter now.
Hello and welcome to the middle of the film! Err... I mean, week. Welcome to the middle of the week. It's Wednesday. It's also the start of Autumn (or Spring). Pumpkin spice everything! That includes today's bite-sized stories.

This batch includes: Pathfinder & Q-workshop Metal RPG Dice Set on Kickstarter, Avatars of War: Amazon Warrior Princess Released, Hardwood Dice Accessories from Three Tree Studio, ArmiesArmy 15mm Pegasus VTOL preorders, The Army Painter Announces New Warpaints Zombicide Black Plague Paint Set, Wild West Exodus previews from Outlaw Miniatures, Serious Poulp To Launch '7th Continent' Board Game on Kickstarter 9/29, Arc Markers Coming Soon From Tabletop-Art, Eaten by Zombies expansion coming to Kickstarter, Vengeance Miniatures, a New Line From Dark Art Studios, and The Lowry Agency Announces Their New Quick Sell Video Series.

Board Game Quest has another new preview article up. This time it's for Bring Out Yer Dead.
And feel free to reply with your favorite Monty Python quote below, just because.


From the article:

When my gaming group gets together for our Dungeons & Dragons nights, we have a few requirements. My wife makes an awesome dessert, someone brings cold beer, and we make as many old movie references that we can fit into the limited time we have to play. One of the movies we quote with some frequency is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One of the scenes is set in an filth-ridden town where people are throwing their deceased family member into a cart. If you have ever wanted to do that in a board game, you are in luck, because Bring Out Yer Dead allows you to do exactly that.

Bring Out Yer Dead is action programming and area control game looking for funding on Kickstarter. In Bring Out Yer Dead, you are trying to place your dead relatives into the best spots in the cemetery for your own gain. The theme is one of the more interesting and frankly morbid I have played recently, but let’s get into the preview to see if you would like to support this solidly designed game.