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Gifted Vision

Gifted Vision has a Kickstarter campaign running to get funding for their Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy Miniatures line. They've already made over 200% what they wanted, so it's stretch goals ahoy for 20 days.

From the campaign:

They have reached their starting goal and funded both an unpainted and pre-painted colossal Kraken. A huge unpainted Firbolg Skeleton has also been funded and they are working on the stretch goal of providing it pre-painted.

Gifted Vision is going to put extra minis in everyone's order if they can reach certain numbers of backers for their Dungeon Crawler Minis Kickstarter campaign.

Oct 3rd will be the last day. If we can get 500 Backers to support us, we'll put in an extra random mini, if we can get 1,000 Backers we'll put in 3 extra random minis! The best way for this to happen is to get as many gamers involved as possible. The minis will be from our completed campaign goals. By "random", we mean we'll probably have a vote on which ones to add on.

Dungeon Crawler has a free print and play Labyrinth available to download from their website.

From the announcement:

Gifted Vision has released print n play Dungeon Crawler Labyrinth in support of their kickstarter.

Gifted Vision has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund new Dungeon Crawler Minis. This set is entitled, "Tidal Wave!" and consists of more sea-faring individuals.

From the campaign:

25mm Scale Pre-painted Plastic Miniatures. We're not just blank minis, we're durable, and we've got a great track record!