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Ghosts of Dathomir

Pre-made adventures are great for GMs with a time crunch. I'm currently using one for a game I'm running. They give the players a lot of action and adventure and the GM can still play around with it a
Ever since we all first saw Darth Maul light up the second half of his double-bladed lightsaber, we've all been enthralled with it. It has come to be known simply as a symbol for "badass." Well, in Gh
As we've seen, considering what happened to Han Solo, it's best to not get on the bad side of a powerful Hutt... or the Empire... and especially don't get on the bad side of both. However, when a forc
Little trinkets. It seems as though a lot of people will go to a lot of trouble to acquire certain little trinkets. I mean, the odd, little statue called Tragic Hope can't be that important of an item