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A new batch of four unit kits are available from Fantasy Flight for Star Wars: Legion. Rebels, Imperials, Separatists, and Republic all get new units or vehicles to bolster their ranks. For those play
The setting of KeyForge is a strange mish-mash of a whole bunch of elements thrown together in one place. There's Martians. There's dinosaurs. There's robots. And there's Mutants. How's a GM to keep i
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
You've possibly played KeyForge, Fantasy Flight's game where every deck in existence is different from every other. It's quite a wild world that the game takes place in. If you've enjoyed it and wish
While every RPG book, in my opinion, is <Barbarossa voice> more like guidelines </Barbarossa voice>, that doesn't mean that the rules are made up and the points don't matter. They do. You
The Genesys RPG system was designed to be system agnostic. That means that it wasn't specifically tied to a fantasy or sci-fi or horror realm. Players could just take the rules and use them as a frame
The Genesys system was designed to be setting-agnostic. It was made to be able to plug into every setting possible. With the upcoming Expanded Player's Guide, Fantasy Flight is giving you several more
Pretty much every RPG game out there that's being run or has been run has been different from one-another. Even if they're all running the same module, games will have vastly different styles, paths t
The Genesys RPG system supports gaming in any genere in any style. Of course, with something as broad as that, there's going to be a lot of ground to cover and a lot of things players can potentially
Fantasy Flight is coming at you with a new, free adventure for you to try out. Those that have picked up Shadow of the Beanstalk, their latest cyberpunk book set in the Android universe, can grab your
The latest book for the Genesys RPG from Fantasy Flight is now available. It's Shadow of the Beanstalk, the latest book for the Android setting. Expand your cyberpunk games with new equipment, new spe
Shadows of the Beanstalk, the new book coming for the Android universe using the Genesys system from Fantasy Flight has more than just new things for players. GMs also get a new set of resources to ch
You may look at that headline and be like, "... so, like a 'dash' mechanic where you move quickly?" To which I would go, "No! Running is the slang term for what is basically hacking another computer s
The city of New Angeles offers many opportunities to those that live there. You can specialize in just about anything, and find jobs in all manner of exciting careers. That's what you get a look at in
Having more resources at your fingertips is never a bad thing for a GM. For those playing the Genesys system from Fantasy Flight, and specifically the Shadow of the Beanstalk version in the Android un
While NetRunner might be no longer a game that Fantasy Flight will be making, that doesn't mean that their Android universe is coming to an end. The sci-fi world will live on in Shadow of the Beanstal
There's never enough possible resources for a GM, if you ask me. They have a lot to keep track of and plan for, so if there's a thing that'll make that easier, I'm all for it. If you're playing the Ge
You've gone into the world of Terrinoth via a couple board games and a kinda-RPG, but if you've really wanted to go all-in and immerse yourself in that fantasy realm, you've not had a way... until now
Game worlds are not just right where the PCs are. There's all manner of things going on all over. And when the players go to new locations, the GM has to be ready for what the terrain is like, what th
Fantasy Flight Games gives you lots of different ways to experience the Terrinoth setting. They've got Runewars. They've got Runebound. They've got Legacy of Dragonholt. Soon, you'll have yet another
The Genesys RPG system is built to handle any setting and style of game you want to run in. But that's not to say that once you've got the base book, you're fully done. Sure, if you want to make up al
Most RPG systems are very specific to a time or place. Medieval fantasy. Interstellar sci-fi. Pulp-noir Earth. The Genesys system isn't like that. This new set of rules gives you the ability to play a
No, the headline doesn't mean that we're taking a look at the different bardic classes in the game. Here, tone refers to how the game comes across for players. Is it light-hearted and comedic? Is it d
The Genesys RPG coming from Fantasy Flight Games can be used for any realm, any setting, any era, any location, any... anything, really. But with that blank canvass to start out with, it can be a bit
The Genesys system looks to be truly universal. Using it, you can play a medieval fantasy, a modern thriller, or a sci-fi campaign. So it needs to cover a lot of ground, such as magic. But how will th
Sure, when many people think of playing in an RPG, they think of heading down into the dungeon and smacking around some goblins or kobolds, grabbing the loot, and heading back to town, but what about