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Gen Con

I'm here in Indy, ready for Gen Con. Ok, so not quite actually ready for Gen Con yet. But I'm closer to ready than I was yesterday and the day before. Anyway, other companies are also filtering in and about to get things set up. That includes Modiphius, who has posted their Gen Con plans.
Hey everyone,

It's travel day for me. Gen Con's just a couple days away and I'm on my way to Indy. I'll try and get some posts scheduled in for you when I make it there. Until then, safe travels to everyone this week and I'll see you at the show!

A while ago, Corvus Belli let us know about their Infinity deals they're going to have at Gen Con next week. At the time, they had this Miyamoto Mushashi figure as part of it. Some people were wondering if the figure was going to be available separately. Apparently so, as they have started taking pre-orders for him over on their website.
As I mentioned in the Terrain Corner for today, Gen Con's just a week away. There's going to be hundreds of vendors there. One of them is Passport Game Studios. They've posted up a look at what they'll be doing at the show, so you can know to stop by and check them out.
Yet more Gen Con releases to let you know about. With all this cool stuff, I might need to get an 8th mortgage...
Anyway, this time around, it's the sci-fi skirmish game, Dark Age, that has posted their new releases for the show. Check 'em out.
Everyone's chomping at the bit to get to Indianapolis and get Gen Con started. Much of that is because of all the cool special deals, pre-releases, and show exclusives that'll be available. Mantic's going to be there. And they're letting you know what sort of specials they're going to be running.
If you'd not heard, Gen Con is next week.
Yeah, I know, right?!
Anyway, Ninja Division has posted up their plans. And it's quite a lot. They've got new product. They've got a painting contest. They're going to have special guests at their booth. It's a ton of stuff. Check it out.
WWII continues on. Each side is looking to find that one advantage that will finally bring the conflict to an end. However, a new faction is joining the fray. The Popular Liberation Army out of China is hitting the battlefield. This is certainly a new thing that commanders of the other forces will have to take into account.
At least, that's what's going on in the world of Dust. They're giving us a look at what new releases they are going to have at Gen Con.
I told you that everyone's coming out with their Gen Con announcements! But you didn't believe me! Why didn't you believe me!?!?
... Man, Ren & Stimpy got dark...
Anyway, entirely unrelated to that is the story about Holy Grail Games posting up what new releases they'll be bringing to the show. I'm sure people's shopping lists are filling out.
As we get closer to the show, we get more companies posting up what sort of awesome goodies they'll have at the show. In this case, it's Gale Force Nine. They're certainly not going to the show empty-handed. They're bringing new items for pretty much every one of their lines. You'll be able to check them out at the GF9 booth before they're released later this year.
One thing about Gen Con is that many companies will have the newest of their releases available for the first time at the show. Want to get a game before it's made it to your LGS? Gen Con's a good place to pick it up. Cryptozoic will certainly have some pre-releases at the show. Like what? Like read on and find out.
I've mentioned how this week is flying by. That also means that Gen Con is flying towards us at a very high rate of speed (about 24 hours per day). There's still lots of prep to do before the show, such as getting a "to buy" list together for all the cool things that're gonna be at the show. Wyrd is well-known for having lots of cool show specials. And they've posted them all in one place to help you sort through them all.
Man, we're just a couple weeks away from Gen Con. This show is going to be off the hook, being sold out as it is. Companies are posting up what they'll be having at the show so you can get your shopping lists together (and lining up a ninja shopper, if necessary). If you're wondering what Steve Jackson Games will have with them, you're in luck. They're letting you know in this post.
Gen Con's just a couple of weeks away. The show's going to be the biggest it ever has been, and many new games will be making their way into people's hands. Ares Games will be there and they're bringing along a lot of new goodies with them. That includes the new releases they have in their partnership with Galakta, including the critically acclaimed This War of Mine.
If you want to build up hype for your game, it's hard to think of a much better place to do it than Gen Con. And, considering this show is just about sold out, it's easy to say that this is going to be the biggest Gen Con ever. So, it's good that, prior to their October launch on Kickstarter, Mythic Games will be showing off Time of Legends: Joan of Arc at the show.
Gen Con is just around the corner. Very soon, tens of thousands of gamers will be descending upon Indianapolis for the 50th anniversary of the show. Greater Than Games will be there, and they've posted up what special deals they'll be running during the show. Do you like free stuff? You could very easily get some free stuff.
Well, like Corvus Belli earlier today, Steamforged is showing off their upcoming releases for Gen Con. Also, like Corvus Belli, there's Chibis involved. And... ok, I'm not too proud to say it, but I actually went, "Squeee!" when I saw that there's going to be a Chibi Salt mini available at the show. They'll also have the Farmer's and Blacksmith's Guilds, along with a couple other offerings.
I've been waiting to see these come in. Gen Con's just a couple weeks away, and that means lots of gamers (more than has ever been at the show before, it would seem) are going to be descending upon Indianapolis to see what there is to see. Like every year, there'll be exclusives and special deals. In this case, we get a look at the bundle Corvus Belli is putting together for Infinity. They're even taking pre-orders.
The folks over at Wyrd love to come up with alternate models for their games. They then love to release those kits during holidays or at shows. Well, Gen Con is a pretty big show. So Wyrd's coming out with a whole alternate Hamelin box set called the Nightmare Box that will be available there. We get a look at the artwork from it in this preview.
They warned us about it. Now, it's happened. Gen Con has sold out of 4-day badges. They still have some limited amounts of single-day badges, but those are going fast, too. If you want to go to the show, you might want to snag one of those badges fast.
As I said, at Gen Con, gamers are all there looking for the "new hotness." If you're a fan of Malifaux, there's certainly some of that coming. Broken Promises is the new book coming out, and Gen Con attendees will be the first ones able to pick up a copy.
Gen Con is a great place to show off new games that your company is working on. You've got several thousand gamers all in one place, specifically on the lookout for the "newest and hottest." So, it's with that in mind, and because their Dark Souls events sold out, Steamforged has started selling tickets to try out their new game, Trash Panda Metropolis.
We know it happens for things like San Diego ComicCon, but never before has Gen Con announced that they may have entirely sold out. And yet, that's where we're at. The gaming convention held annually in Indianapolis is reaching maximum capacity and they just might reach that this year. It probably helps (doesn't help?) that this is the 50th anniversary of the show.
Gen Con is just around the corner. I mean, we're damn-near to July, and that's month-adjacent to Gen Con. Thousands up on thousands of gamers are going to descend upon Indianapolis for the show. It's a great time for companies to release new products. dV Giochi is doing just that, and they want to give you a heads-up as to what you can expect from them at the show.
Gen Con is just a couple months away.
...Holy hell! Gen Con's only a couple months away!!! *cough* ... yes, anyway, well, at the show, Ninja Division is going to be running their Golden Kobold painting competition. Grab your paints and brushes, it's time to show that you're one of the top painters in the land.

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