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Gen Con

So, Gen Con is only just getting officially started today, but Fantasy Flight didn't want to waste any time by posting up their In-Flight Report, their annual announcement about all the things they're
Yeah, I know. Funny headline. But that's what we have. Ares Games will be at Gen Con Indy this weekend and they're showing off just what they'll have at the show for those that'll be there (which does
Like many companies, Fantasy Flight won't be headed to Gen Con physically this year. However, they are going to be running a bunch of live streams next week as part of Gen Con Online. Click through to
Though Paizo won't be at the actual Gen Con event in Indy this year, they're still doing plenty with Gen Con Online. They've posted up their streaming schedule for the event over on their website. Be
Gen Con's super-late this year. But that just means companies had more chance to get things prepped for the show, including show specials. Wyrd's posted what they'll have available, whether you're in
This is going to be a really interesting year for Gen Con. The show has a bit of a hybrid thing going on, what with... y'know... the pandemic still going on and all. One big portion of it will be Gen
Jean Khan? Geeen Coin? Gen Con... I... I feel I remember that. Oh yeah, it was that thing we would go to... It's happening again this year, though it's still a bit more than a month away. If you're he
The convention season is kinda weird this year. Last year, there just wasn't any. It was actually a bit less complicated that way. This year, it's, like, hybrid shows. Who's going to what? All that ki
We didn't get an in-person Gen Con in 2020. However, we are getting one in 2021. If you're planning on heading to Indy, you'll need a place to stay. For that, Gen Con has announced that housing is ope
While there's definitely still a pandemic going on, things are generally trending towards "better" in much of the world. Some events that we used to know are planning on having physical shows again, s
Gen Con is coming this year, at least kinda. It's later than usual, but better late than never. Badge registration will be opening on the 23rd of this month.
Shots are getting into arms, but there's still a lot of questions about events being held in person. But having plans is still good. As such, Gen Con's looking to have their Pop-Up Gen Con events this
While vaccines are rolling out all over the world and more people are getting a literal shot in the arm, the pandemic isn't over yet and gatherings of huge groups of people from all over the world mig
With the pandemic still raging, it's up in the air how many actual in-person shows we'll have this year. Thankfully, there's still the possibility of having digital shows. That includes Gen Con's Spri
A week ago, Gen Con Online was getting underway with plenty of cool announcements and other things from various companies. It could be difficult to know everything that went on. Thankfully, Wyrd's her
With Gen Con going online, everyone's able to participate in the great deals and specials that companies are running this weekend. Japanime Games is included in that group, and so you can head over an
I'd usually be talking about "if you can't be at Gen Con this year," but nobody can be at Gen Con this year. Or, everybody can be at Gen Con this year, as long as you have an internet connection. As s
One of the things that I enjoyed the most about Gen Con was perusing the dealer's hall, looking for all the great deals, exclusives, and pre-releases that were available at the show. And while I'm not
It's time. Wyrd Games always has a bunch of cool alternate sculpts and pre-releases available to purchase during Gen Con. Well, it's Gen Con Time, so it's Wyrd Sale Time as well! Head on over to their
It's the Greatest 4 Days in Gaming. It's simply happening in a different location than usual. Where is it happening? Absolutely everywhere you can get online. Portal Games is attending and they've pos
Today's the first day of Gen Con. And while I'm sitting in my living room, I can still attend. And you can, too. As long as you have an internet connection and a device to get you there, you can parti
This year's Gen Con is unique in that everyone with an internet connection can go. It certainly saves on travel and hotel expenses, that's for sure. But while we're not all descending upon downtown In
Gen Con Online is right around the corner. While it won't be exactly the same as being in Indy, it will still be pretty awesome, with events and sales. Free League Publishing will be there, and they'l
Like most companies, Looney Labs will be headed to Gen Con Online this weekend. While they're showing off Spongebob Squarepants Fluxx, they've also got handy links for all your Gen Con Online needs, f
Gen Con Online is happening this weekend. And while it might not be the same as being in Indy, companies are still having lots of great online previews of what they're working on. That includes Blue O