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Geekdad has a review up of the retro-sci-fi Cosmic Patrol. Put on your fishbowl helmet and go check it out.

From the review:

My office is full of rockets, robots, and other retro sci-fi gizmos. I just love it. I’m the guy who watches Forbidden Planet anytime I see it playing on TV. I’m the guy who is always on the lookout for classic ray guns at flea markets and antique shops. And I’m the guy who reads old Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon comic archives. There’s just something special about the early days of 20th century science fiction and those writers and artists with their visions of unlimited energy, oxygen-filled planets galore, and runaway robots and menacing aliens terrorizing Earth and its allies. Again… I just love it.

If you’re a fan like I am, you might be happy to hear about the latest update from Catalyst Game Labs for its Cosmic Patrol Role Playing Game. Cosmic Patrol was released in late 2011 and the team over there didn’t waste any time getting a supplement out titled Into the Cosmos. If you’re not familiar with the game, let me give you an overview.

Geekdad has a review up of Leviathans. This game's had a lot of mixed reviews in the comments section here. Let's see what Geekdad has to say about it.

From the review:

Overview: Leviathans is a game of steampunk airship battles, featuring massive (and beautiful) airship models and a whole lot of world-building thematic elements. I’ve only gotten a little farther than the Quick Start rules but wanted to give you an idea of how the game works. The Core Box Set features ships from the British and French fleets, but later expansions will include other factions as well.

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Geekdad did a video unboxing of the Leviathans box set. Check it out.

Our friends over at have posted up a Leviathans Unboxing Video. I’ve posted the video above, but you can also go to the link above for additional photos and text on his experience.