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Geek of Spades

Geek of Spades has a new video up. This one is an unboxing of the Wild West Exodus 2-player Starter set from Outlaw Miniatures.SourceFrom the post:Ben gets into the old west sci-fi fun that is Wild We
Geek of Spades has another Relic Knights unboxing video up. This time it's Shattered Sword.SourceFrom the post:Ben unboxes some more Relic Knights goodness with the Shattered Sword(which would make a
Geek of Spades takes a look at the Cerci Speed Circuit starter box in this new unboxing video.SourceFrom the post:Ben digs into some Relic Knights as he un-boxes the faction starter for the Cerci Spee
Geek of Spades posted a video review of Firestorm Armada 2nd edition from Spartan Games.SourceFrom the video:You've seen the contents of the starter box, and now Spencer sits down to review the long a
Geek of Spades opens up the Firestorm Armada 2-player starter set in this unboxing video.SourceFrom the video:We finally got the Firestorm Armada 2.0 set! Here's an unboxing video so you can see what
Geek of Spades shows off how to play Quarriors and gives you their thoughts on the subject in their latest vidcast episode.SourceIn the video:Zach, Jeremy, and Spencer play Quarriors, a dice building
GeekofSpades has posted up another unboxing video. This one's the Germans Blitzkrieg Starter Set from Warlord Games for Bolt Action.SourceFrom the video:Jeremy finally got his Germans for Warlord Game
GeekOfSpades has a new unboxing video posted up. This one's for Warlord Games' Roman Legionaries set.SourceFrom the post:An unboxing and review of Warlord Games Roman Legionaries for Hail Caesar!Are y
Geek of Spades takes a look at the Bolt Action British Box Set from Warlord Games in their latest unboxing video.SourceFrom the video:Spencer un-boxes some British for Bolt Action in Geek of Spades' l
Geek of Spades has posted up a video review of Warzone: Resurrection. Watch and enjoy.SourceFrom the review:Spencer brings you an extra long review this time as he gushes over the return of his humble