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Growing up in Chicago, I would hear about relatives taking trips up to Lake Geneva to rest and relax. It's known as a resort town, and has been for quite a long time. However, back when I was 7, I didn't realize that it was also where modern gaming also basically started as it was the home to Gary Gygax and the location of the first Gen Cons (the name being a shortened version of The Geneva Convention). I've never actually been to Lake Geneva, but if I were to go, I'd definitely go via Geek Nation Tours, because then I'd know I was doing it right. They're booking now for their Classic RPG Retreat. Hurry and get on the list now as space is limited.

Gen Con can be extremely hectic. For anyone who's never gone, or even for veterans, there's just so much to do and see that there's a very real chance that one can get overwhelmed, having no idea where to go and thus missing out on a lot of stuff. So, save the hassle of the planning to someone else and get some amazing exclusives while you're at it by booking with Geek Nation Tours. Teras and the crew will have you gaming in style. And especially if you're a Call of Cthulhu fan, you won't want to miss this year's tour. Booking is extremely limited and happening now.

Growing up in Chicago, Lage Geneva was just this place that family members would go to when they wanted a bit a luxury getaway. Little did I know that while I was playing soccer and obsessed with G.I. Joe, Gary Gygax was there in Lake Geneva, creating the foundations for Dungeons & Dragons, and in doing so, creating what would become part of my future job. If you're interested in going to see the Gygax home and all of the other gaming-historic spots in Lake Geneva, Geek Nation Tours is headed there. But you'd better get your ticket soon, booking closes on the 1st of May.

If you're going to go on a tour, go Geek Nation. They really do think of everything and go the extra mile to fill your trips with everything geeky and gaming that you love. They're currently booking for their Frostgrave Immersion Tour, which will take gamers to historic Estonia. They're bringing along designer Joseph A. McCullough who will bring along some custom scenarios for you. Booking is extremely limited, so get your name on the list now.

I was born and raised in Chicago. But back when I was a little kid, Lake Geneva was just "that resort town that family would always vacation at during the summer." If only I knew then that it was the home of the great Gary Gygax. Well, now that I'm a gamer, I'm much more interested in visiting, and if I wanted to go in real style, I'd join up with the Classic RPG Retreat: Lake Geneva 2019 from Geek Nation Tours.

If you're going to go an event, you should go in style. And style is just what they do over at Geek Nation Tours. They've started booking for their Salute 2019 tour. It's the biggest show in Britain, and GNT has more than just taking you to the show. They're going to show you all over the Mecca of gaming: Nottingham.

Somecentury, I will be able to make it out to Spiel Essen. And when I do, I'm gonna book a tour like the one Geek Nation Tours is doing. You get so much out of it. Sights. Events. And hanging out with cool people like Rodney from Watch it Played. While I might not be able to make this year's tour, if you can, you'll want to book now.
While many people see Gen Con as THE gaming show of the year, there are many others that feel that the real gaming show of the year is Essen Spiel. Not having gone, myself, I can't really say, but it's certainly up for debate. If I ever do go, I know I'd want to go in style via a Geek Nation Tours event. They've basically got everything. And they're currently booking for this year's Essen tour.
Gen Con is one of the biggest gaming conventions in the whole world. It can easily overwhelm anyone that goes in unprepared. If you want to be prepared and then some, perhaps check out the Geek Nation Tours package for the show. It's filled with great, exclusive opportunities during the event. Booking is happening now.
If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're a fan of miniatures gaming. Gaming is our hobby, and we often spend our spare time talking about it, thinking about it, or playing it. Well, if you want to go that step beyond and make a whole holiday out of gaming, you should check out Geek Nation Tour's Geeking Out With Miniatures in the UK package. They're booking now.
I like going to Adepticon. Mostly that's because it feels like going home. That's because, in a way, it is going home for me, since I was born in Chicago. Plus, it's just a really cool show. It's filled with all sorts of tournaments for all sorts of systems. Plus, there's some of the coolest army boards I've ever seen. Well, as good as the show can be, Geek Nation Tours can make it even better with their packages for the show. The tour is booking now.
I love Gen Con. I really do.
Sure, it's a ton of work for me and at the end of it my feet are totally destroyed from all the walking around I've been doing, but I still look forward to it every year. It's a great chance to meet up with old friends and just revel in our love of all things gaming. Well, if you're not going to work at the show, but want to make sure you get the full amount of exposure to all of the things going on, you don't have to look much further than Geek Nation Tours. They've posted up details of this year's Gen Con tour.
Gamers are sort of known, stereotypically, for never really going anywhere. We're supposedly the type to stay in basements, only to come out to slink our way in the darkness to the LGS and then back again. Occasionally we go to a convention. But the reality is that gamers are just like other people. Some love to travel and see the world. Many of us are history buffs of some form or another. Well, Geek Nation Tours is here for those types of gamers with a pair of new tours they're doing.
Geek Nation Tours has started booking for their Adepticon 2016 tour. AdeptiCon is one of the world's largest wargaming tournament conventions, in one of the greatest cities in the world (I miss living in Chicago). If you want the full, posh treatment for an event, Geek Nation Tours is the way to go. They basically take care of everything so that way all you have to do is go and have fun.
Geek Nation Tours is happy to announced that for not just one, but for two tours, they'll be joined by BoardGameGeek. Well, some of the people behind BGG, not like, you know, the whole website in some sort of personified form (like Tron or something, but in the real world). That would be pretty sweet, actually, too. But let's keep computer science-fiction out of this. Anyway, for their Essen and Gen Con tours, there will be a chance to hang out with the crew while on the tour.

From the update:
Geek Nation Tours is running a couple giveaways over on their Facebook page. Both are zombie related. The first is you can win a Zombie Tools Rat Bastard. The other is you can win a Zombicide paint set from The Army Painter.


From the announcement:
Geek Nation Tours is now booking for their Essen Spiel Germany tour for 2015. This is one that I really wish I could go on. That show sounds like an absolute blast to go on, and from what I've heard from everyone I've talked to that's gone on a GNT tour (for any event), it's really the way to go. This is the first year they're offering an Essen tour, so I suggest you get in on the fun.


From the announcement:
Geek Nation Tours has started booking for this year's Gen Con Indy tour. This year's theme is Giant Monster Kaiju Games and will include playing King of Tokyo and King of New York with the Iello crew, hanging out with the Kentucky Fried Gamers, and meeting other gaming industry professionals and celebrities. Space is limited, so book your spot now.


From the announcement:
Geek Nation Tours is now booking for their Templecon 2015 tour.



From the announcement:

Geek Nation Tours is proud to announce we are headed out to Providence, Rhode Island for none other than TempleCon! And do they have Punk! No no! Not Punk Music silly – Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Biopunk, Post-Apocalyptic Punk, Neo-Victorian Punk, Dieselpunk, DecoPunk and even Ray Gun Gothic! But since you mentioned music - TempleCon gives you that too. With nightly entertainment, cool seminars, and tonnes of gaming. Yes gaming – you will find loads of stuff for gamers of all stripes – from Boardgames (did we mention the library of free to play board games?) and Role Playing Games to Collectible Card Games and Living Card Games to Tabletop Miniature Wargames. As matter of fact TempleCon has long been known as a mecca to fans of Privateer Press’ Warmachine and Hordes games. It doesn’t end there - add a bit of Vintage Arcade Nostalgia with over 40 retro arcade games all on free play as well as daily high score awards for any high score set on any machine (reset daily), Cosplay (complete with a super cool contest that you will not want to miss) and an element of Cthulhu and you have the humongous non-stop celebration of gaming at it’s finest, that is TempleCon!

Geek Nation Tours has started booking for their Adepticon 2015 tour.

Geek Nation tours


From the website:

Geek Nation Tours is very excited to present our tour to the world’s largest tabletop wargaming tournament and convention – AdeptiCon. Here discriminating wargamers from around the world find a multitude of gaming experiences - from tournaments using a variety of different wargaming systems to the very best in gaming and painting seminars. AdeptiCon is also a wargamers' shopping paradise with a huge amount of vendors waiting to show you their wares. It is a spectacle to be seen and experienced. Game with the best, meet friends from around the world, and roll dice all night long!

Geek Nation Tours has started booking their GenCon 2014 tour. Come out and see the greatest 4 days in gaming next August in style.


From the announcement:

Geek Nation Tours is proud of its continuing partnership with one of the largest and most prestigious gaming conventions in the world. That’s right – we are headed back to Gen Con Indianapolis 2014! Gen Con has along history of offering the very best in gaming conventions. Dive into every type of gaming imaginable - roleplaying games, card games, boardgames, tabletop games and computer games, just to mention just a few. They even have Geek Speed Dating and a marathon..... Game to your heart’s content with old friends or the new ones you will meet.

Geek Nation Tours is booking now for their Feudal Japan tour that heads out next year.


From the post:

Geek Nation Tours is proud to continue our Signature Battlefield tours with our Samurai and the Battlefields of Sekigahara tour. On October 21st 1600 Tokugawa Ieyasu lead his forces on to the plains of Sekigahara to an eventual victory that would change the course of Japanese history. This battle is one of the most famous of all Samurai battles in Japan’s long history.

Geek Nation Tours only has a little bit of space still available in their "Geeking out with miniatures in the UK: Scotland" tour for 2014.

From the tour profile:

Every second year Geek Nation Tours takes a journey to the United Kingdom. Each time we go we explore another section of the county and for 2014 we are very excited to announce that we will be headed to Scotland. That is right! Home of haggis, kilts, Nessie and of course Scotch Whiskey…
Geek Nation Tours is now booking for their upcoming New York Comic Con tour.

From the announcement:

You heard it here first "True Believers" Geek Nation Tours is headed off to the Big Apple and the New York Comic Con! We are very excited indeed to announce this tour. It will be full of all things NYC and of comics, sci fi and super heroes. The New York Comic Con offers loads of coolness for Geeks of any genre. See movie stars, meet your favorite comic book artists, and see new releases before anyone else. The con offers more than that however... You will take part in extraordinary panels, meet special guests of all sorts, play games and hang out with fellow geeks. Visit the vendor hall and you will be sure to walk away with free swag and tonnes of other loot. And of course dress up and do some cos-play or just have your camera ready...The con is a marvel to behold and there will be something for everyone - so swing aboard the tour.

This tour will not only be about the convention however… We will be arriving early to explore New York! We will venture out by foot, taking the subway and hanging out where the New Yorkers do. We will head off to all the tourist sights of course – to see the Statue of Liberty, stroll Central Park, take in the view at the “Top of the Rock” Observatory and to pay our respects to those that died at Ground Zero, but our tour will have a definite Comic Book twist. We will stop by the fictional address of the Baxter Building (home to the Fantastic Four), hang out in Hell’s Kitchen and even see the Avengers Mansion. And that is not all -we will see non-fiction and movie related places too. For instance, we will pass by the offices of Marvel and DC and see the Daily Bugle seen in the Spider-Man Movies...

Geek Nation Tours has started taking down names of those that want to be included on their Scotland 2014 tour.

From the update:

Every second year Geek Nation Tours takes a journey to the United Kingdom. Each time we go we explore another section of the county, and for 2014 we are very excited to announce that we will be headed to Scotland. That is right! Home of haggis, kilts, Nessie and of course Scotch Whiskey…

We will see the natural beauty that Scotland is famous for, head to Islay to take in some whiskey distilleries and travel the coastline north to the Highlands…. We will see battlefields and castles and dive into Scottish history… If you ever wanted to take in the real “Braveheart” battlefields, see loads of castles (including one from Highlander and Monty Pythons Holy Grail), or just have a look into how they make scotch taste so good, now is your chance.