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Geek and Sundry

Friiiiiiidaaaaaaay! The gateway to the weekend. Hopefully you've got some gaming planned for the next couple days. I don't have anything specific lined up, but there's still plenty of time. At the ver
Geek and Sundry put up the next episode of TableTop. You can watch it there, or directly below this paragraph.
Geek and Sundry posts up the newest episode of TableTop. This week they play Munchkin with Steve Jackson. Go check them out as they bust down the door and take the treasure!
Table Top Episode 1 has been posted up! Its a great first episode from Geek and Sundry as they play Small World.
In case you had not seen the latest from Geek and Sundry, here it is. This trailer debuted on Monday and this show looks like its going to be pretty awesome. I look forward to a new wave of people lea