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Gears of War

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a Gears of War strategy article examining the various reaction abilities available in the game. From their website:
With the recent release of Gears of War™: The Board Game, hobby game enthusiasts across the world are quickly learning (in some cases, the hard way) the importance of planning, communication, and solidarity in battle. True to the tense action of the popular video game series, Corey Konieczka’s clever design ensures that players who venture off alone to gun down stray Drones quickly find themselves cut off and overwhelmed. How can you and your team avoid this fate?
The latest D6 Generation Podcast includes an interview with Matt Wilson of Privateer Press. From their announcement:
At GenCon 2011 we got a chance to sit down with Matt Wilson, the driving force behind Privateer Press. We chat with Matt about not only Privateer's games but what he's working on and why he's spending so much time in Hollywood. Later Russ, Craig, and Raef rev up their Lancer's and take a look at the new "Gears of War" co-op board game from Fantasy Flight Games.
ICv2 have posted several previews of figures from the upcoming Gears of War HeroClix game. From their website:
In August WizKids is releasing Gears of War HeroClix, a new series of 10 HeroClix figures based on Epic Games’ popular Gears of War video game. The individual figures are blind-box packaged and come in a 24-count countertop display. The first HeroClix Gears of War series includes five members of Delta Squad and five of the most dangerous Locust enemies who are attempting to take over the planet Sera.   This Preview includes photos of two members of Delta Squad, Cole and Dominic, as well as one of the five Locust creatures included in the set, Raam.