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Gears & Guts

Gears & Guts gets into the spirit of the season with their new WWII Japanese Zombies.From the release:Gears & Guts is pleased to announce the world’s first 28mm WW2 Japanese zombie figuresAs if sniper
Gears & Guts previews a new set of 28mm Japanese Zombies over on their Facebook page.From the update:Gears & Guts is pleased to preview its upcoming 28mm WW2 Japanese zombies. Yep, the world's first J
Gears & Guts gives you night specs with their UhU Night Vision kit.From the update:Gears & Guts (Company B) is pleased to announce the release of its 1/56th scale Falke/UhU Night Vision system accesso
Gears & Guts' 1:56th scale Gear Krieg PanzerKampfer V "Valkyrie" combat walker kit is now on sale at the Company B webstore:From their post:The German Valkyrie kit includes the combat walker, weapons
Gears & Guts releases Decals for Combat Walkers and Tanks.From their announcement:Gears & Guts announces German and US combat walker decal sets. Deck our your painted masterpiece in pinups and insigni
Gears & Guts/Company B announce the pre-order of their newest model at Fall-In:From their announcement:The first 1/56th scale Gear Krieg combat walker kit, the US M11 Combat Walker “General Early” wil
Gears & Guts have posted photos of the first casts of resin 28mm Gear Krieg walker models. From their announcement: Gears & Guts is happy to show the first new pulls of the 1/56th scale Gear Krieg