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Gear Krieg

AD Publishing now has their Gear Krieg supplement for Victory Decision available as a print-on-demand product. So you can have a hard copy sent to you directly.From the announcement:The print on deman
AD Publishing is giving away free preview booklets for their Gear Krieg Zombie expansion. Seems fitting for this time of year.From the announcement:This is a free supplement for our "Victory Decision:
Gears & Guts have posted photos of the first casts of resin 28mm Gear Krieg walker models. From their announcement: Gears & Guts is happy to show the first new pulls of the 1/56th scale Gear Krieg
A.D. Publishing and Company B have announced a joint venture to release a range of 1:56 scle Gear Krieg vehicles called Gears and Guts. From their announcement: Gears and Guts is a joined venture o