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Giant robot alert!
We have a giant robot alert!
You probably know I've got a weakness for giant robots. Well, in Defend Neo Tokyo, you and your friends jump into the cockpit of giant robots and look to protect the city against the various monsters that are always drawn towards it. And it's not because they want a nice bowl of ramen. No, you must defend the city against imminent destruction. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
Snowmageddon is about to descend upon Atlanta... again... supposedly. We'll see if this one actually happens. Though after last year, everyone's a bit on edge.

So, what snippets do we have for you today?

We have: More "The Fiver" interviews from The Meeple Mechanic, Dancing Dice Entertainment running Jumpgate Armada Kickstarter, "Rule Breakers" card game on Kickstarter, Acheson Creations Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter – New Tiles & New Options, Conquistador Games Announces Upcoming Tesla vs. Edison Games, Deep-Cut Studio launches gaming mats for futuristic football, Rebel Minis releases the Titan Class Viper Mk1, Terrible Kid Stuff New releases - Barin, Splittingbones, & Al Capone, The Scrap Steel Round Lip Bases are now available from Tabletop-Art, Kabuki Models Dwarf Beer Maiden at AdeptiCon, and MidKnight Heroes next character reveal Oda - The Rokheim Battle Master.

Gateway Games got out the pots and pans and has lit a fire under their How to Serve Man Kickstarter campaign. Sort of an "Iron Chef" meets "Twilight Zone" meets "Soylent Green" type of thing, players play as intergalactic chefs trying to create the best dish where the main ingredient is people (cue Charlton Heston clip here...). Will your meal be the one that impresses the celebrity chefs? Or will you suffer the bitter taste of defeat... like the pith on an orange... that stuff's really bitter. When trying to get zest off an orange, be sure to stay away from the pith. Seriously.
*does a lot of cooking in his off hours*


From the campaign:
The week is coming to an end. What do you have planned for your weekend?
I've got some new review articles I'll be working on. It's been really exciting playing some of these new games.

Anyway, there's been a bunch of bite-sized stories coming across my desk, so it's time for another Snippets.

This time around we have: A new preview for Sector Commander, Cure/Heal Dice on Kickstarter, a new Predette from Predastore, Clan Kitsune preview fluff from Ninja Division, New Tokens Available from Advanced Deployment, Bloom Role-Playing Game Character Sheets Now Available, LaserCutCard Reduces Price on Statis Tomb Terrain, New Bits Packs at Alternative Armies, How To Serve Man coming to Kickstarter, and Skirmisher Publishing releases 100 Oddities for a Thieves' Guild.