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Gary Hunt Miniatures

Yesterday, almost all of the day, I felt like it was Thursday. Apparently I wasn't the only one, as it seems to have been going around, as I came across a ton of posts and memes about that exact same thing from all over the internet. Now, today... it still feels like it should be Thursday. Ugh. This is gonna be one of them-thar kinda weeks, isn't it? And it's -still- January! This month feels like it's never going to end. But, like all things, it certainly will. We just need to get through it all. And maybe noshing on a couple bite-sized gaming stories will help.

Today on the platter we have: Gary Hunt Miniatures Running Beestwars Minis Kickstarter and New Rapier Swords Available From Puppets War.

The weekend is just about upon us, everyone. For those in the States, it's a 3-day weekend for many. Here's to hoping that you've got some gaming plans lined up, along with whatever other activities you might have planned. It's the unofficial start of summer, so go to the pool, have yourself a BBQ, do some camping, or whatever else you might enjoy. And be sure to stock up on bite-sized gaming stories before you go.

Today on the platter we have: New Egyptian Girl with Snake Wand From Brother Vinni, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm May Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Beestwars at Kublacon, Two New Releases Available From Klukva Miniatures, and New Glyphs Available From Kromlech.

You know me. I'm very much a "try before you buy" sort of gamer. So when I hear about a set of rules being put up online for free from a company, I highly respect that move. It lets me, a consumer, check out and see what I'm getting into before I take any sort of monetary plunge. Well, ZombieSmith and Gary Hunt Miniatures have posted up the free quickstart PDF for their Beestwars miniatures system they're working on.
For everyone that's been worried about it: My fruitcake turned out perfectly. :P
Since I know that all of you have been waiting with baited breath to find out about it. We'll see how it goes over with everyone at the office tomorrow, where everyone will get a good bite of what, I hope, is a new revolution in thinking about fruitcake.

On the subject of good bites, we've got some bite-sized news stories for you, as usual.

Today's include: Iron Cross: release date & pre-order announced, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Dark Hold Bonewalker Wraiths Set, Squadron Strike 2nd Edition Coming Now, and Hadekine Demon release by Gary Hunt Miniatures and Zombiesmith.

ZombieSmith and Gary Hunt Miniatures are joining forces to bring you some new miniatures. Well, they're new versions of some older miniatures, that is, at least to start with. They'll be bringing back the Fantasy Warr range to begin with. Then, later on, they'll be coming out with the 21st Century Amazons pulp range of figures. Gary Hunt Miniatures will also be available soon in the ZombieSmith webshop, starting with the Fire Drake. Previews of new products will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

From the announcement:
Gary Hunt Miniatures is previewing their Moongha Invader miniatures they've just sent out to get molded.


From the preview:

This year has gone by in the blink of an eye! It was great to see my work on the Hobbit and Elysium and I've been kept busy on many projects at Weta including some more collectables: the Hobbit DVD special edition sculpt of Gollum and Bilbo (which just released on Amazon) and a few to be announced soon. A lot of my work recently has moved over to the digital dark side and is as rewarding as physical sculpting (But I haven't given that up)

Out of Weta Workshop my own range of miniatures had to take a backseat while I was busy sculpting the characters for an awesome board game that you may have heard of : Moongha Invaders by Treefrog games. The job was a little too large for me to do outside of Weta time so I shared it with a talented sculptor and friend, Anton Ducrot from Flytrap Factory. The designs from Tim Huesken were very quirky and we had so much fun sculpting them. The figures are being injection moulded in China. Look forward to seeing them with the game itself...

I'll post some more pics of individual Moonghas and the Female Hero at a later date. I'll also be posting pics of my own range that I didn't find time to share with Tmp..
All the best, Gary.

Gary Hunt Miniatures is showing off the painted pictures of their Minotaur Standard Bearer as well as updated about ordering/shipping deadlines for the holidays.


From the post:

Hi all
I haven't posted all the pics of the painted Clovis Minotaur/beast-men range.. So here's a photo of the Standard bearer.
He comes as a 7 part unpainted kit, cast in pewter, stands approx 112mm tall to the top of the standard and the minotaur is approx 49mm tall.

He is available on my website at US$25.00

The Xmas posting deadlines are fast approaching:
Gary Hunt Miniatures has several new releases they've got in the works that'll be ready for the premier of the Hobbit.

From the update:

4 new packs of Clovis Minotaurs and Satyr have been released on my website and a Black Dragon is in the casting process right now.
The packs are as follows: Minotaur Standard bearer, Minotaur Champion, Leper Satyr Shaman and 2 Satyr warriors.

The 2 new Minotaurs have grown in stature and stand between 45-49mm tall. The standard itself is 112mm to the top.
These are multi part kits (the standard bearer comes in 6 parts) so you'll be able to swap heads etc just like the smaller minotaurs and beastmen I've released previously.

The Clovis Satyr are approx 33mm tall and have seprate weapon hands.

The Black Dragon is pretty much the same size as my previously released Fire Drake but with wings out-stretched.
(see fire drake pop up image, compared to 28mm Zombie).
8 part kit)

I'll be releasing assembled pewter versions of them on my stall at the Hobbit Artizan market for the Hobbit Premier in Wellington NZ, 24th-28th Nov

Gary Hunt Miniatures is working on some new Minotaurs and a Satyr. They'll be available soon.

From the update:

More Clovis Minotaurs and Satyr are on the way. The 2 new Minotaurs have grown in stature and stand between 45-49mm tall.

The standard itself is 112mm to the top. I haven't yet worked out a price for this large peice and I'm going to have to re-structure my prices a little.
Yes, unfortunately, starting with the Fantasy Warr.. range I will be upping the prices a bit but still staying very reasonable. So get in and order some bargains before my web manager gets on to it in a week or so...
These are multi part kits (the standard bearer comes in 6 parts) so you'll be able to swap heads etc just like the smaller minotaurs and beastmen I've released previously.

Clovis beastman heroGary Hunt Miniatures have released a new Clovis Beastman figure. From their announcement:
My 3rd Clovis beastman hero release is now available from Gary Hunt Miniatures. The figure comes unpainted in 4 parts, that can be interchanged with previous releases. Stands approx 36mm tall. As with the other 2 beastmen Heroes I am running a naming competition, previous winning entries were Narbonensis the Mean and Chardos the Destroyer, submit your entry to to win a copy. (I'll also be looking over some of the previous entrants suggestions) All the best, Gary.
Gary Hunt Miniatures have released their second Clovis Beastmen Hero and also have news of a contest. Clovis Beastmen Hero From their announcement:
Another new Clovis Beastman Hero on my website (unpainted) He comes in 4 pieces, is approx 36mm tall and most parts are interchangeable with previous Beastmen figures. I am running a competition this month to win a copy, just come up with a suitable name for him and e-mail me at I will announce the winner next month... Last month's winning entry was Chardos the destroyer.. You can keep up with new releases for my Fantasy, Sci-fi and Historical ranges by joining Gary Hunt Miniatures on Facebook.
Gary Hunt Miniatures have released a new 28mm Beastmen figure and also announced the winner of their miniature naming contest. Beastman Chardos From their announcement:
The recent Clovis Beastman hero release can now be seen painted in a couple of angles. I ran a naming competition last month and the winning entry by John Lerchey was Chardos the Destroyer. I will be releasing another Hero next week and running a similar naming competition, the winner will receive a copy of the figure. I'll post images of the character soon and you can e-mail your entry to