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GamesTrust has a review up of the latest round of Chaos releases from Games Workshop.Note: as always with GT, it's in German.From the review:We got our hands on the new CSM products from Games Worksho
GamesTrust has an article up about the new Nurgle Plastic/Finecast models.Note: It's in German.From them to you:We got our hands on the new Nurgle GW release and made a Nurgle Plastik/Finecast Roundup
GamesTrust recently did an interview with GW's Ben Fawcett about the new digital content they've got coming out.In our review of the new Games Workshop eBooks, some questions arose concerning the ongo
Games Trust got a hold of a Stormtalong Gunship from GW and they were kind enough to make an unboxing and assembly video for us over on their website. Want to make sure you know where all the little b
Games Trust has a review up on their website (in German) of the latest wave of Necron releases from GW.From the review:We got our hands on the new Necron models from Games Workshop. Our first review c
Games Trust has a review up on their website about Eslo Terrain's new water and island terrain pieces. Check it out (if you know or have a way to translate German).From the review:After we found out,
GamesTrust has a new tabletop section for their magazine. So all you German-speakers (or German-translation-able) out there, go and enjoy.From the update:For the second birthday of its online presence