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We don't normally cover Magic: The Gathering here on TGN, but we decided to make an exception in this instance. That's because Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast are teaming up to bring you a new
Games Workshop has started a new regular column where they'll be releasing free content for Warcry. This first post is big, giving you a whole campaign that you can download right now and start playin
Thursday. I could generally get a handle on Thursdays. This week seems to be going by fine, so I'm good with it. Start of the week went by quick, but unlike last week, where I woke up on Thursday and
The civilizations of man stretch all over Middle-earth. One of the groups that had a role to play in the events of the Lord of the Ring trilogy but we don't see too much of are the people of the East.
Killing machines of ancient origin, the Necrons have had a lot of time to create the perfect weapons. In Kill Team: Pariah Nexus, the new box set coming soon, they'll have some new rules and upgraded
Games Workshop has a new crop of releases available to pre-order most Saturdays. So, what's coming this Saturday? Well, plenty if you're into Kill Team, 40k, and Necromunda. Have yourselves a look-see
Over the weekend, Games Workshop did another one of their big preview weekends. This one had a decidedly fantasy skew to it, focusing on Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Underworlds, and Warhammer Quest. If y
Primaris Workshop... I mean, Games Workshop has a preview of some new Primaris Marines coming in the Pariah Nexus set for Kill Team. Have yourselves a look at the Heavy Intercessors.
This year's 40k miniature character based on those found in the Black Library books is Captain Uriel Ventris. This Ultramarine is getting a new mini soon, as well as some new rules. Get a look at some
A new Direchasm warband is making its way to Warhammer Underworlds. And as you can tell from the featured image, it's got the power of the WAAAGH!!! behind it.
Do you play Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Underworlds, or Warhammer Quest? If so, you'll want to tune in to Games Workshop this weekend. They'll be having another one of their big previews of all the thing
Games Workshop has a rather large group of Age of Sigmar pre-releases available for you this week. Somehow, pairing Valentine's Day with Hedonites of Slaanesh seems right... or very, very wrong, depen
Games Workshop has posted up the new FAQ for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. Along with that, they've posted an interview with the game's rules-writers to give you some insight into the changes
When you have nothing else to lose, you become very dangerous. Well, Qulathis the Exile has lost everything. Now, she's out for vengeance. She's a new hero coming for Warhammer Underworlds in Cursed C
The Daughters of Khaine battletome will be hitting the Games Workshop pre-order store this weekend. They're also getting a kit that has models for their three Endless Spells coming. In this preview, w
The Drukhari (apparently what they're calling the Dark Eldar these days) in 40k are getting themselves an update soon in the form of a new codex. They're also getting new box sets to go along with it.
Pretty much every group of any size is going to have splinter groups within it. Those that might have the same overall goal in mind, but go about it in slightly different ways. It's looking at these d
Beastmen have been in Warhammer since the beginning. And they've gone through a lot of changes over the decades. In this article, Games Workshop looks back at what has been and what soon will be, with
I'll always be a greenskin at heart. The spirit of the WAAAGH!!! flows through me. So, it's with pleasure that I post up the first preview of an upcoming Warhammer Underworlds Savage Orruk warband. Ch
This week, Age of Sigmar is getting quite a lot of things added to their line. The Hedonites of Slaanesh are getting their Battletome as well as a bunch of new figures and some extras. And the Daughte
Cursed City is the new set coming for Warhammer Quest. To get you in the know about this box, Games Workshop has started a new preview series. They're beginning with what most groups find first when h
Age of Sigmar and 40k have a bunch of spin-off games based in those universes. Well, Games Workshop will be coming out with three more this year. For 40k, there's Doomsday Countdown and Fireteam. Mean
It's February and love is in the air. Or, maybe that's the twisted, perversed, sense of love coming from the Hedonites. They're getting a new Battletome soon and Games Workshop is giving us a look ins
My old Marine faction of choice, the Dark Angels, are getting a new codex. The book is up for pre-order now on the Games Workshop website. But even if green isn't your favorite marine chapter color, t