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Games & Gears

So, the guys over at Games & Gears wanted to throw in something a little extra with the Demo Report I just did for Dark Deeds (see the post directly below this one). As such, they gave me an extra
Andy Chambers and Mark Gibbons.Those are two names that really don't need an introduction for the people that tend to frequent this page. But just in case you didn't know, Andy has been writing game r
The Wargamers Consortium and Games & Gears have teamed up to bring you their first terrain piece, the Ingenium Mortis. Check out the video.SourceFrom the announcement:The Wargamers Consortium and Game
Games & Gears is taking orders for some new pieces of their Warsmith terrain they've been working on.SourceFrom the announcement:These are the final versions of our Games & Gears Warsmith Terrain line
Games & Gears is having their own convention and you're invited.SourceFrom the announcement:"The Home Of Your Hobby."Crowne Plaza , London Gatwick August 29, 30 & 31, United Kingdom3 Day Convention Pa
Games & Gears is under 24 hours left for their Battle Boards Kickstarter campaign. If you've been waiting until the very end to pledge, your time is at hand.SourceFrom the campaign:"We are elated to w
Games & Gears has just a week left on Kickstarter for their Battle Boards. They've unlocked their Tier Level 7 and have posted up some new previews.SourceFrom the update:"Hell has been liberated. Thre
Games & Gears has announced a team-up with Ninja Division to create some new Battle Boards over on their Kickstarter project.SourceFrom the update:Anime Wars, Dropzone Commander Cityscape, Hawk Urban
Games & Gears has added a new pick & mix custom pledge level to their Battle Boards Kickstarter. They're also offering new Warsmith terrain with it.SourceFrom the update:Pick & Mix Battle Board. 6by4.
Games & Gears has announced adhesive Battle Board Grids for Dust Tactics for their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:Games & Gears LLP and Dust Studio have partnered to produce a new add-on i
Games & Gears made it past stretch goal #4 over on Kickstarter for their Battle Boards.SourceFrom the update:Table of Contents for this Update:-Level 4 Unlocked-Anima Revamp, how long?-Hellscape Alt S
Games & Gears is getting close to 2x funding over on their Battle Boards Kickstarter and they're showing off some new designs and layouts.SourceFrom the update:Again, thank you what an amazing 5 days.
Games & Gears has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their Battle Boards terrain boards.Those that were at GenCon and stopped by the Hawk Wargames booth saw the prototypes of these boards in acti
Games & Gears is pleased to announce their Warsmith Terrain lines.SourceFrom the announcement:Games & Gears LLP announces a new product line: Warsmith Terrain (TM). High Quality Resin Terrain. Warsmit
Games & Gears has launched their very own website. Check out their pro-quality brushes, brush stands and more. Be sure to stay tuned for updates about their Battle Boards terrain boards as well.Source
Games & Gears will be headed to GenCon next week and are bringing their Battle Boards for Dropzone Commander with them to the Hawk Wargames booth.From the announcement:Attending GEN CON 2013 INDIANAPO
Games & Gears has announced a new line of brushes they're going to be coming out with soon.From the announcement:Games & Gears has announced a custom version of their Games & Gears Pro Studio Line. Th
Games & Gears will be coming out with an anime-inspired version of their Battle Board.From the announcement:Games & Gears has announced a custom version of their battle boards which will be bringing A
Games & Gears is showing off their Pro Studio Seven brush stand that got funded in their Kickstarter project a little while back.From the announcement:Here is our Games & Gears Pro Studio Brush Stand.
Games & Gears gives us a look at the sci-fi city board they're working on for their upcoming Kickstarter.From the preview:From the highly acclaimed game: Dropzone Commander by Hawk Wargames. Here is a
Games & Gears asked you to vote whether you'd want a new terrain board Kickstarter from them and apparently you voted "yes" in such number they're going to be trying their project again.From the annou
Games & Gears has announced they're running Painting Day events every Sunday. You should get your figs painted.From the announcement:Join in our Games & Gears Painting. The rules are: There are no rul
Games & Gears has announced a partnership with Hawk Wargames to make new battle boards for Dropzone Commander.From the announcement:Games & Gears & Hawk Wargames announce Drop Zone Commander Battle Bo
The Susan G. Komen 3-Day is coming up soon. There's a group going calling themselves Bodacious Babes and are walking for all the gamer girls out there (well, and everyone in total, but you know...). G
Roll Models gives us a look at the new Pro Studio Brushes from Games & Gears.From the video:The highly anticipated Pro Studio Brushes dropped onto my mat this morning.Very excited to see them, they lo