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Games Day UK

Forge World is rolling out previews for their pre-releases they'll have at Games Day. Here's a look at the Space Marine Fire Raptor.SourceFrom the preview:The Fire Raptor is a specialised variant of t
Forge World is showing off preview photos of the Tau XV107 R'Varna Battlesuit that they'll have with them at Game Day UK.I... really wish I was going to that show...SourceFrom the preview:Over the nex
Toyz N The Hood went to Games Day 2012 and posted up an article about their experiences therein.From the post:Toyz N The Hood spent the day at Games Day 2012, queuing up and playing games so you don't
Forge World has announced more exclusives for the Games Day UK From their announcement:With the Games Day UK only three days away, we’ve got three more exclusive pre-release items to announce today. A
Forge World will be selling two new figures on advance of their general release at Games Day UK. From their announcement: Exclusive Pre-Release Products Available at Games Day UK The first is anoth