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Gamer Nation Studios

Everyone has at least some kind of voice in their head. Some inner monologue. At least, I know I do. Not necessarily the "the leprechaun says to burn it all down" type of thing. But just when you have
Gamer Nation Studios will be publishing a new American fantasy RPG game entitled Tall Tales.From the press release:Gamer Nation Studios has announced that they will publish a new role-playing game tit
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook
Gamer Nation Studios has teamed up with Reaper Miniatures for the Eons board game Kickstarter.From the announcement (lots of stuff after the cut) :Denton, TX, Mar 4, 2013 — Today, Gamer Nation LLC, kn
Gamer Nation Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new Eons board game.From the campaign:After the Big Bang, things moved quickly. So did you. Players in the game of Eon