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Gamelyn Games

Gamelyn Games' latest Tiny Epic addition is up on Kickstarter. Fans of Tom Segura know how important the first 48 hours after a murder is for the police. Well, now you can enter the mean streets and t
The next of the Tiny Epic line of games from Gamelyn Games is up on Kickstarter. This time, they're headed to the frigid northlands with Tiny Epic Vikings. Head on over and check out the campaign now.
Wildspire Hero & Animals & Troll for DND Miniatures 28mm
Gamelyn Games is bringing the next in their Tiny Epic line of games to Kickstarter soon. It's Tiny Epic Vikings this time. And like how the vikings got themselves some loot for free, you can get yours
Just because a Kickstarter campaign is over doesn't mean that you're entirely out of luck when it comes to all the special pricing and exclusive extras. Gamelyn Games has opened up the Late Pledges fo
Gamelyn Games has a new game as part of their Tiny Epic line up on Kickstarter. And this one has actual minis with it, not just custom meeples! The game is Tiny Epic Dungeons and it's a fully cooperat
Gamelyn Games has put together a promo pack of special cards for various Tiny Epic games. They're taken from various YouTube stars who have brought gaming into your living room on a regular basis. You
Gamelyn Games has more than just their Tiny Epic line. They're also out there, seeking other games to bring to your table. In this instance, it's a classic Reiner Knizia game: Dragonland. This classic
Do you enjoy Tiny Epic Galaxies, but wish that the game ran just a little quicker and smoother? Well, you're in luck, as Gamelyn Games has created a new, streamlined version called Tiny Epic Galaxies
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!
Stretching your dollar further than it'd usually go is something all of us try and do. We all love getting stuff for free or extra with an order, and that's what Gamelyn Games has going on now. They'r
Gamelyn Games is known for their Tiny Epic line. Now, it's time to add another. This time around, it's Dinosaurs. You're a dinosaur rancher and you're looking to acquire, breed, and sell all the best
Sometimes, tiny isn't small enough. You want something smaller. Ultra-tiny, for example. Well, that's what Gamelyn Games is giving you. They're running a really short (get it?) Kickstarter campaign fo
There's a million reasons why you could miss out on a Kickstarter campaign. The money's not there. You forgot. Your tux didn't come back from the cleaners. There was an earthquake. Locusts! It wasn't
The latest in the Tiny Epic series of games has launched up on Kickstarter. Tiny Epic Tactics is Gamelyn Games' next set, heading back to fantasy realms, it lets players grab their meeples and have wh
Gamelyn Games has announced that the next line in the Tiny Epic universe is coming to Kickstarter next week. Tiny Epic Tactics will launch on the 19th. Of course, there's all new sorts of Meeples you
If you hurry, you can rush over to Amazon and pick up Tiny EpicQuest and Tiny Epic Zombies for a special sale price. Gamelyn Games is running a flash sale, so head on over. Don't delay, or these littl
Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday night's alright for fightin'. Get a little action in. Yes, it's Saturday, and while it's not night quite yet (at least, where I am a
The latest incarnation of the Tiny Epic world has made it to Kickstarter. I guess we should hit the Giant Robot Alert button, as we're dealing with Mechs this time around. ... Yes, it does seem odd to
Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo!My favorite day of the week, as I can just sit back, relax, and do some gaming.Nevermind that this week I'm vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning countertops in the den. That's i
Gamelyn Games is looking to expand the world of Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, and they've taken to Kickstarter to do it. Pestilence is said new expansion, and it brings in a new floating island to conque
When you're dead, you're dead... or are you? It would seem that death is not so permanent, at least, not in the Tiny Epic universe. Even once a Kickstarter campaign is over, it's not really over. Ther
Gamelyn Games is adding a new game to their Tiny Epic line. In this case, it's the walking dead. Zombies are swarming through Echo Ridge Mall in Tiny Epic Zombies. You're one of the last survivors, bu
It's the weekend! Wooooo! Partaaaaaaaaaay!And by "Party," I mean gaming!Working on getting this Review Roundup and then gonna head out to the LGS to play some Guild Ball.Today we've got: Tiny Epic Que
Gamelyn Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, their new 4-X board game for 1-6 players. Lead your faction to victory across the massive game board, warring with othe
Well, this rocket-fast week is rocket-fastly coming to an end (yes, I made up a word there. It's not a very good word, but there it is). The weekend stretches before us like a blank canvas. Personally