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GameCraft Miniatures

I hope everyone had a good and productive weekend. To those that went to Salute... I hate you. I wish I could've gone. To everyone who didn't go to Salute, I feel your pain *solidarity*. Seeing as it is Monday and we're back at the office, it's time to make your gaming tables look as good as possible with our Terrain Corner feature.

Today we have: New Terrain Bundles From Demo's Laser-Cut Designs, New 6mm European Building from GameCraft, and Pwork Wargames Releases Darkburg Gaming Mat.

Earlier, a coworker called today "Friday Eve." She said it sounded a lot better than "Fourth Monday."
... I can't say I disagree with that line of reasoning at all. Friday Eve does sound a lot better than Fourth Monday.
So welcome to our Friday Eve Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for naval battles, Mantic Releases Dungeon Saga Terrain, Heroic Maps - Pyramid of Nekhtou Now Available, GameCraft Miniatures Releases Olympic Hotel In 3 Scales, Rebel Sector: Pwork Wargames science fiction gaming mat, and Tabletop World ofers Free Shipping.

Back to the daily grind here on Monday. I've brought in cookies and cheesecake to the office that I made over the weekend. I probably shouldn't have a whole cheesecake and 2 dozen cookies sitting at home. I'm already pushing my way out of "Gamer Medium" into "Gamer Large" as it is.

I wouldn't recommend trying to eat any of this terrain I'm about to tell you about, though. Best to just use it to enhance your gaming.

In this batch we've got: ModelEarth releases new Dungeon system, Brigade Models Release 2mm Roman Temples, and GameCraft Miniatures releases 8 new brownstones.

Land of the free. Home of the brave.
Independence Day is coming up. It's time to celebrate with some BBQ cookouts, some fireworks, and some miniatures gaming.
To help out with that last one, GameCraft Miniatures is having themselves a sale.
Give yourself a pat on the back. You've made it to another Wednesday. We're halfway to the weekend. If you have any mid-week gaming plans, we'd love to hear about it down in the comments. Over the next couple days, I'll be prepping for the D&D game I'm running on Saturday. Last session, the group narrowly avoided TPK twice. So obviously, I need to up my game some.

As usual for the day, we've got some bite-sized stories we've collected together for you.

In this batch we've got: MidKnight Heroes Reaches Funding Goal and Previews Chibi Stretch Goal, Some more Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Quick Reference Rulebook of Military History: Medieval Wargame available for testing, Blacksmith Miniatures release Mahé the Sailor, New Skull Masks Available from Tabletop-Art, Final week for Dark Sword Miniatures New Range Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks Kickstarter, Ophidian Wars releases ECG with optional 3D printed minis, NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder On Kickstarter, Mekawing Z updated to version 1.7, New Shock Tokens from Sally 4th, Epic New Token Line For Table Top And Role Playing Games, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm May Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Hitech Miniatures New Webstore Opened, 28mm Crates Barrels and Casks from Castle Kits, New 15mm Sci-Fi Buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures, Infantry Bases for 6mm (1/285th) Figures from GameCraft Miniatures, New Rocket Platform Terrain from DerekPages, Manorhouse Workshop Update #32 – Modular Underground Project – How to paint walls and floors quickly, Demigods Evolution Funds in 1 Day, and Victrix Previews French Artillery.

Hello out there, all you beautiful TGN readers! We've once again made it to another Friday. Congratulations! Any good gaming to be had this weekend? Anyone trying out some of the new releases that've come out this past week?

As for the moment, we've collected another batch of bite-sized stories and present them to you here.

In today's Snippets, we've got: Some more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Kev's Creatures - KC2 Mountain Orcs at Alternative Armies, Sharkes Gingerbread a free Flintloque Scenario, Tabletop World has released their new Stone Bridge, New Brandenburg Gate in 6mm from GameCraft Miniatures, Brigade Models Release 28mm Great War Belgian Cyclists, First Knight by Kabuki Models finally available for purchase, and Mage Company Announces 12 Realms: Bedtime Story Kickstarter Launch Time.

GameCraft Miniatures shows how big some buildings can be, even in 15mm, with the release of their new WWII Government Buildings over in their webshop.


From the release:

GameCraft Miniatures have released a new 15mm building that is perfect for Flames of War and other 15mm WWII wargames. This building features a removable top floor and optional floor and stairs kit for those that want to play inside as well as outside the building. The model measures 15" x 6.75" x 6.7" tall (381mm x 171.5mm x 170mm) and it's design was inspired by the Reichstag building in Berlin. This is not a true scale representation of the Reichstag (that would be just over 3.5 times this large) but I think you'll see a family resemblance and agree that this kit is a reasonable size for gaming.

GameCraft Miniatures is holding themselves a Labor Day Weekend sale over in their webshop.



From the announcement:

GameCraft Miniatures is celebrating the grand re-opening of their brand new online store and the Labor Day weekend with a sale that starts right now and runs through Monday at midnight.

The 20% discount will automaticly show up in your shopping cart, there is no need for any coupon.

GameCraft Miniatures got themselves a brand new website. Go have a look and see what they've got to offer.



From the announcement:

After 5 years with the same online store and almost 2000 items online, it became obvious to both the GameCraft owner and the customers that their online store was getting bloated, difficult to navigate and generally felt old. So, GameCraft's owner set about creating an entirely new online store. the new store is much better organized, easier to navigate and includes hundreds of new options that customers will really enjoy, such as multiple payment options, ability to create an account or just check out as a "guest", PayPal integration for those with PayPal accounts, a real nice customer rewards program, better photo integration with zoom", inline video tutorials on several products, and much much more.

GameCraft Miniatures starts off a new line of European Style Houses with their first new releases.

Large Country Estate


From the announcement:

GameCraft Miniatures have released the first two new structures in a series that will initially include eight structures of various sizes and will grow from there.
These kits are made from laser cut MDF. Having the half timber details as separate parts makes assembly and finishing very quick and simple, Simply build the main MDF structure and paint it your choice of color (no need to even fill the seams, the half timber details will hide them) and then glue on the half timber pieces (painted or not). You can have a fantastic looking building in minutes.
The Large Country Estate pictured here is the largest of these structures so far at an impressive 12.25" x 10.25" x 6.5" (311mm x 260mm x 165mm)

Gamecraft Miniatures adds three more buildings to their 6mm Landmark Series of terrain pieces.


From the announcement:

GameCraft Miniatures Landmark Series is a collection of mostly larger structures that have some historical significance or are recognizable icons of an area or era. In the last week, three new structures have been added to this collection. First is the WWII European Ruined Church/Cathedral, kit number 285CSS032. This ruined church is an impressive 4.75" x 2.625" x 3.750" tall (121mm x 67mm x 95mm) and will really stand out in a European city setting.
GameCraft Miniatures has a new 20mm Middle Eastern Building available over in their webshop.
They're also donating 10% of their profits to Typhoon relief this week. So go and get some terrain and help out a good cause.


From the announcement:

Brand new 20mm Middle Eastern building from GameCraft, available with or without removable roof and removable floors. Model features very detailed balcony. Version shown is 20MMDF151, the version with removable floors and removable roof is 20MMDF151-1.

GameCraft Miniatures has new movement templates available for the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games.

From the website:

These laser cut MDF templates will last much longer than the cardboard templates that come with the core game set.

Please note that there are two versions of these templates available, one set has the arrows and numbers engraved deeply into the surface of the MDF creating sunken 3-dimensional numbers and arrows, the other version has the numbers and arrows outline engraved only. The deep 3-dimensional engraving makes for a much cooler effect but takes 3 times as much machine time to make, therefore they cost a bit more than the simpler outline engraved templates.

Gamecraft Miniatures gives your tabletop some more options for terrain with the release of their new 20mm Shantytown Buildings.

From the announcement:

Today GameCraft Miniatures have released the first three buildings in this new series. Three more designs are on the workbench and will be added to the line in the next week. Also 15mm and 285th scale versions will be coming in the near future.

Shanty Town buildings that are perfect for many regions of the globe from the Middle East to the Far East to Africa. These buildings are common where common building supplies are either not available or are simply too expensive for the locals ... they use whatever they can find and make due.

Gamecraft Miniatures gives you the means to steer your ships with their new Spacecraft Consoles, available now.

From the release:

Set of three resin cast consoles. Perfect for 15mm-20mm gaming. Could used for 25mm gaming if you placed a small spacer under each console to make them taller.

GameCraft Miniatures will be coming out with new Wired West set of buildings to help enhance your table.

From the announcement:

This week GameCraft Miniatures announced that they are working with Krazy Ivan's War Games Emporium to bring you this exciting new line of products. The buildings in this series are designed by Krazy Ivan's and GameCraft is handling the manufacturing and distribution of the products.

This series of structures is a collection of sci-fi/wild west buildings inspired by TV shows like Firefly.

According to the designer, "The Wired West series takes old west architectural features like boardwalks, bill boards, and row buildings and throws them in a blender with what most people would consider ‘traditional’ sci-fi colony style buildings (converted containers, pre-fab structures, etc)."

All buildings in the series are beautifully designed in 3D CAD software to insure perfect fit and easy assembly. They feature removable roofs and removable upper floors so you have access to the entire interior of the structures.

GameCraft Miniatures is also giving you some more terrain options with their latest 15mm buildings.

From the release:

This is a new line of buildings that I'm very excited about. These kits feature great looks, fast building times and reasonable prices. These are perfect for people that don't want to spend a lot of time assembling but want something that looks great when it's done.

This new series of buildings is being released in 15mm for Flames of War or other 15mm gaming systems. There are 8 buildings in the series at this time and the line will certainly grow in the future.
GameCraft Miniatures brings you a new line with their WWII City Buildings.

From the announcement:

This WWII European style building is the first in a new series being introduced by GameCraft Miniatures. We are calling them "Hybrid Kits" as they include a facade that is a resin casting with excellent raised details, sides and back are simple laser cut and engraved MDF. This puts the maximum detail on the face of the building and keeps costs down.

Using MDF for the sides, back and top allow us to release this kit at about 1/2 the cost of an all resin kit and it still looks great where it matters most, on the front of the building.

GameCraft Miniatures is having themselves a Halloween sale over on their website.

From the sales sheet:

The Halloween sale at GameCraft Miniatures starts today and runs through the bewitching hour (midnight) on October 31st.

Take 15% off everything in our store.

GameCraft has some new felt terrain available over in their webstore made for 6mm scale.

From the release:

GameCraft miniatures has just released a new line of terrain specifically designed for sand tables and cloth playing mats. The streets, dirt roads and water features are very inexpensive, conform to the scenery, can be arranged in an infinite number of configurations and they are super easy to transport to and from conventions and tournaments.

GameCraft Miniatures now has a new line of 10mm structures available for all your mini-minis gaming needs.

From the update:

GameCraft Miniatures has released a new line of 10mm buildings and a modular road system suitable for 20th century, 21st century and beyond including the popular game Dropzone Commander. All structures are available in either acrylic or MDF.

GameCraft Miniatures has a new Mech Hangar terrain piece available over in their webstore.

From the website:

Kit made from .060" thick clear acrylic. Assembled model measures 6.6" x 2.12" x 3.42" tall (168mm x 54mm x 87mm tall).

GameCraft Miniatures has released a new series of 1/285 scale Italian/Mediterranean buildings to help spice up your tabletop.

From the release:

These new structures from GameCraft Miniatures are the style you would find in most Mediterranean regions including Italy, Southern France, Spain and Northern Africa. These buildings feature area specific details like the red tile roofs that the region is known for and "stucco" textures on the exterior of the buildings. Many of the buildings also include large balcony areas.

These models are one piece solid resin castings, just paint and use, no assembly required.

The initial launch of this new line of structure includes 8 different buildings and we will add more soon.

Gamecraft Miniatures has some new Wild West buildings over on their website. So saddle on up, pardner! Let's ride! Yeehaw!

From the update:

Today GameCraft Miniatures is announcing a few new additions to it's 28mm Wild West series of structures. The first structure is a two story building that includes an external staircase leading up to the upper floor (Kit number 28MWEST026). On this model the stairs can end at the front of the building or the rear of the building and the wall with the upstairs door can go on the left or right side of the building ... giving you 4 different possible ways to build this kit. Other new buildings, some with external staircases will follow in the next few days.
Also added today is a spare parts kit (Kit number 28MWEST024) that includes window frames, door frames, doors, balcony supports, and other bits. This is great for doing customization to your buildings or in case you lost or broke a piece or if you are doing some scratchbuilding and want the finishing touches for your new creation.
The third release for today is a set of two staircases just like the one shown on the kit pictured, this kit allows you to customizes existing GameCraft Wild West structures with external staircases or use them on the interior of the building so your cowboys can actually get to the second floor.

GameCraft Miniatures wants you to be able to transport and store your vehicles safely and effectively and they think they've made the perfect tray for the job.

From the website:

Our Tank Transports hold many more vehicles than our competition's at a cost considerably less per vehicle and our Tank Transports have enough vertical space to insure that you do not crush your antenna, radar dishes, machine guns, etc.
These tank transports also allow you to show off your collection in an attractive case. Stack as many Tank Transports as you like and carry then as one sturdy unit.

In this kit you will receive the tank transport and two pieces of blank foam so you can make your own cut outs for your vehicles.