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The valley of Everdell is a magical utopia, nestled underneath the branches of huge trees, the creatures living there are in harmony. But the current town is getting a bit cramped and it's time to exp
Now here's a board game that Dr. Neal Degrasse-Tyson could get behind. Planetarium is a board game that's got a bit different a premise than most. You're not fantasy world adventurers. You're not sci-
Game Salute has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fast & Furious: Full Throttle. Designed by Jeff and Carla Horger (Thunder Alley), this licensed game promises to deliver the high-speed exciteme
We hope your week has gone by well. It's been a busy one over here. Lots of news and lots of work on the next issue of Ravage US. However, we have had time to collect our regular group of reviews for
Clever Mojo Games and Game Salute have a Kickstarter campaign up and running for a 2nd edition printing of their King's Forge card game, along with the Apprentices Expansion.They're almost to their go
Game Salute gets their Serpent Stones game reviewed by the experts over at Play Board Games.SourceFrom the review:Serpent Stones is a card game in which you must build a chain of warriors from your si
Polyhedron Collider sat down and talked with Michael Fox about his work in TV and movies *gets a note on his desk*Oh... apologies. This is Michael Fox from Game Salute.SourceFrom the interview:In a bi
Game Salute is running a Kickstarter campaign for Luchador, their dice game of high-flying Mexican wrestling fun.SourceFrom the campaign:Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice brings the flamboyant and colo
Game Salute is running a Kickstarter campaign for Dungeon Scroll, a game where the size of your vocabulary is as important as the size of your sword.SourceFrom the campaign:As sorcerers of the mystica
Superhuman Games has a Kickstarter campaign going along with Game Salute for Villains and Vigilantes, a card game of super heroic goodness.They've made more than 5x their goal already, so it's stretch
Secret Games, along with Game Salute, is running a Kickstarter campaign for Dreaming Spires, their new board game.They're already more than 4x their funding goal, so it's stretches for the next 12 day
Game Salute is running a Kickstarter campaign for Keyflower: The Farmers, an expansion to the Keyflower game, wanting to bring the game to the US market. And it looks like they'll be doing it, since t
Studio Cypher along with Game Salute are running a Kickstarter campaign for Tattletale, a new card game.SourceFrom the campaign:Tattletale is a fast-paced micro-game about the shifting allegiances of
Game Salute has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund A Duel Betwixt Us, a dueling card game with an absurdist, yet old-timey feel.From the campaign:A Duel Betwixt Us is a 2-player card gam
Game Salute is looking for funding over on Kickstarter for their new card and dice game called Chaos & Alchemy.From the campaign:A quick playing card & dice game for 2-5 alchemists. Build up a laborat