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In many fantasy settings, the gods don't just play a passive role in everyday affairs. They'll get directly involved. And the rituals, ceremonies, and offerings done for them can get very complex. The
"Aw hell."
When you miss out on a crowdfunding campaign, you might think, "well, damn, all those deals are gone forever." But many times, that's not the case when the company allows late pledges. And that's just
Kingmaker is one of the adventure paths that quite a lot of people have enjoyed over the years. It's an epic tale that got many people into Pathfinder to begin with. However, many of the original book
In the not-too-distant future, in light of the Greater Depression, much of the middle of the US has been abandoned, people instead huddling in the giant cities that have been built up along the coast.
Happy Games Factory is looking to bring a new faction to their Eden game. It's the Octopus Keepers... because why not? They also have the B.O.R.G. as a limited-edition starter set that you can pick up
A company that you've seen pop up on here for a long time is Fluo Craft. Their Color Wars universe is one I looked at back in a review many years ago. I loved the idea of two paint-based cultures, one