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Happy Games Factory Running New Eden Crowdfuning Campaign For New Factions

Happy Games Factory is looking to bring a new faction to their Eden game. It's the Octopus Keepers... because why not? They also have the B.O.R.G. as a limited-edition starter set that you can pick up. They've got a Game On Tabletop campaign going on (a crowdfunding site) now that you can check out.

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Color Quest Alpha Game Up On Game On Tabletop

A company that you've seen pop up on here for a long time is Fluo Craft. Their Color Wars universe is one I looked at back in a review many years ago. I loved the idea of two paint-based cultures, one trying to spread color and the other trying to just blot everything out in black. Well, they're back with Color Quest Alpha, their new miniatures skirmish game set in that same universe. The game is up on Game On Tabletop (a crowdfunding site, in case you didn't know. We don't get many campaigns from there).

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