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Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne

While the Starks and Lannisters might get much of the attention, there are several other major houses in Westeros, all looking to gain a bit of power and maybe have someone on the Iron Throne. Speakin
The land of Westeros is full of intrigue. Alliances are forming, breaking, and shifting all the time. What might be your friends one day can turn into your enemies the next. Staying ahead of any plots
Seems nobody can resist the call to plant themselves onto the throne made out of swords. Meanwhile, I'm happy with my comfy couch at home. But that's me. Well, for those looking to become king or quee
I'm not so sure I'd want to sit on the Iron Throne. I mean, that just doesn't seem comfy at all. And how many people have gotten tetanus from just getting a little scratch from all those swords? But i
King Robert Baratheon is dead (no doubt killed by an inadequately stretched breast plate). And, to be honest, nobody really wants Joffre on the throne, honestly. At least, people are seeing the lack o
Well, King Robert Baratheon is dead (uh... spoilers, I guess, for those that haven't even seen the whole first season of a show that's been out for years now). Now, the throne is up for grabs (I mean,