Immortal Expansion Up On Kickstarter

Game-O-Gami has launched a Kickstarter in order to bring a couple new pantheons to their Immortal strategic card game. If they get to their funding goal, they'll be adding Egyptian and Celtic gods to their game. And not just as an expansion pack, they will be putting the new cards into the base game, itself (so the headline might be a bit of a misnomer. It is an expansion, yes, but it's hopefully going to be going into the core game).

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Game-O-Gami Announces: "Blood of Rome" Board Game

Game-O-Gami still has a week left in their Immortal Kickstarter campaign. They're getting close to their funding goal. They're about 3/4 of the way there. Plenty of time to make up that last bit. But they're not just focused on the campaign at hand, but are already looking forward to their next project. This one switches gears, from the battles of gods to the dark alleys of Ancient Rome.

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Game-o-Gami Relaunches Immortal Kickstarter

Sometimes a first round isn't your best. It's ok. If you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go back into the fracas, you've got a good chance of coming out ahead, based on the knowledge you learned the first time around. Such will hopefully be the case for Game-o-Gami, who has relaunched their Kickstarter campaign for Immortal, their card game of mythological battles.

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Midweek Snippets

Half there.
We're half there to back to the weekend.
This weekend will be a rather busy one. Tomorrow it's set-up for the CMON Expo and Friday it starts. We've got a lot planned, especially for Saturday. Be sure to check back on that day regularly as we post updates from the various panels that'll be happening that day. If you're interested in CMON's games, you'll want to check back often.

But that's this weekend. We're still on Wednesday. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Right now, we've got another set of bite-sized stories.

This batch we have: Forge Prints HD Dungeon Accessories and Bases Kit 1 on Kickstarter, Robot Zombie Cat Card Game On Kickstarter, Crooked Dice release Heroic Archetypes, The Thin Blue Line: Detroit Savage Worlds Module Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Earth Force Widowmaker Battlesuits, Adeptus Mechanicus joins the fray in One Page 40k, Several More Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Heroic Maps New Wardenhale Gambling Den Map, Post Captain Master Index Pt 2. Advance Rules, Another World Indiegogo Funded And now going for Stretch Goals, Sea Dog Game Studios releases Nassau Sloop kit for Sailpower 2.0, New 32mm bases available from Tabletop-Art, Manorhouse Workshop Update #34 – Modular Underground Project – KS launch delayed, "War is Coming" the army game searching for playtesters, Final Days for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story on Kickstarter, Kromlech New Release - Legionary Weapons, Instant Dungeon Tactical Up on Kickstarter, SyrinScape Launches Exclusive Pathfinder Player Character Soundsets, and In-Store Play Program for Free RPG Day June 20, Honour or Death: Icarus Miniatures Preview the Praesidian Honour Guard, Cracked Earth Studios New Tabletop Terrain Line Coming to Kickstarter, Hexagon Mill Terrain Kickstarter Running Now, Legion of Set Artwork Previewed for Conan Rise of Monsters, and Deep-Cut Studio releases a new gaming mat in sand and rock environment.

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Game-O-Gami Launches Immortal Mythic Strategy Game on Kickstarter

If someone asks if you're a god, you say YES!
Game-O-Gami is running a Kickstarter campaign for Immortal, their new strategy card game of gods and monsters. It's an interesting mix of games. Placement of your cards is very crucial, since when you play a character, they have different stats based on how they're oriented on the field. Plus, when you attack an enemy and defeat them, they become part of your forces (sort of like Othello, where you'd flip over the other guy's tile to your color). Each card also has special abilities on their card. The abilities aren't spelled out there, though. There's just an icon. That makes it so the game can be easily translated into various languages without having to print new cards each time.

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Friday Snippets

*does a little "It's Friday" dance around the office* un-cha, un-cha, un-cha, un-cha, wakachika, wakachika, wakachika, wakachika, boom-nau-nau da-boom-da mananga-nanga, boom-nau-nau da-boom-da mananga-nanga. Oh, hey there. Did you know that it's Friday? 3-day-weekend sort of Friday, even. Booyah!
Granted... I'll still be back posting news on Monday, but don't let that spoil the mood. It's still a Friday after-all.

And with that we have our regular batch of bite-sized stories we've collected here for you.

This time around we have: New Sarissa Precision Dutch/Belgian Houses from Warlord Games, PolyHero Dice Warrior Set on Kickstarter, The Prototype 15mm SuperBlue Adder Vehicle from The Ion Age, Plastic 20th Century Brick Battlezones terrain pre-order from Mantic, Gamboni Board Game Relaunch Coming Sunday, Karnivore Koala - German Version Unlocked, Immortal Launches on Kickstarter Next Week, Apocalypse post-apocalyptic RPG System up on Indiegogo, SHM76 Grav Van released at, and Sisters of Serens Unlocks Free Minis in Indiegogo Campaign.

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Game-O-Gami Announces "Immortal" - A Game Of Mythic Strategy

Game-O-Gami has announced their new card game, Immortal. Expect it on Kickstarter early next year.


From the announcement:

Indie development studio Game-O-Gami has announced their upcoming game: "Immortal". In this game of mythic strategy, 2 to 4 players summon armies of legendary gods, heroes, and monsters from four different mythological factions, and unleash them upon each other in an epic war for supremacy.

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