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I'd thought about starting this post with a bunch of bad Italian-American stereotypical thing, but decided against it, since I didn't want to find myself in the Hudson with a pair of cement shoes on. Anyway, the various crime families in New York are having a bit of a war in order to find out who's going to control which bits. There's only so much town to go around. They're going to have to fight to get the best parts. And that's what you'll be doing in Gamboni, a new board game up on Kickstarter.
Gamboni, the mafia board game set in a 1980s New York, has regrouped, reconfigured, and has relaunched their Kickstarter campaign. The game is for 3-5 players, each of you trying to be the greatest mob family in town. Gain Money, Power, and Respect as you run your "fully legitimate" businesses around town. Ey. Fuggedaboudit.
*does a little "It's Friday" dance around the office* un-cha, un-cha, un-cha, un-cha, wakachika, wakachika, wakachika, wakachika, boom-nau-nau da-boom-da mananga-nanga, boom-nau-nau da-boom-da mananga-nanga. Oh, hey there. Did you know that it's Friday? 3-day-weekend sort of Friday, even. Booyah!
Granted... I'll still be back posting news on Monday, but don't let that spoil the mood. It's still a Friday after-all.

And with that we have our regular batch of bite-sized stories we've collected here for you.

This time around we have: New Sarissa Precision Dutch/Belgian Houses from Warlord Games, PolyHero Dice Warrior Set on Kickstarter, The Prototype 15mm SuperBlue Adder Vehicle from The Ion Age, Plastic 20th Century Brick Battlezones terrain pre-order from Mantic, Gamboni Board Game Relaunch Coming Sunday, Karnivore Koala - German Version Unlocked, Immortal Launches on Kickstarter Next Week, Apocalypse post-apocalyptic RPG System up on Indiegogo, SHM76 Grav Van released at, and Sisters of Serens Unlocks Free Minis in Indiegogo Campaign.

I hope Saturday is treating you well and is currently, or soon will be, full of gaming goodness.
I've got a little hobby project I'm working on for an upcoming review article. Obviously, details on that will be made specific soon when the piece goes up on the site.

Anyway, it's time again for another Review Roundup, where we take all the gaming and hobby reviews we found throughout the week and present them to you here.

In this batch, we've got reviews/previews of: Warlord Games' Wrecked House terrain piece, Citadel Crusade Figure Case, Forbidden Desert, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics - The Spanish Army Expansion, Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit, Dreams of Dystopia, Gamboni, Barnyard Legions, Dogs of War, Cthulhu Wars, and DC Dice Masters.

I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, the week is just flying by! Can you believe it's already Wednesday? I hardly can. Hopefully the week is going well for the rest of you. I know a lot of readers are either on their way to, or about to make their way to Chicago for Adepticon this weekend. We'll have the intrepid Jared Miller there to cover the show, including the $10k Crystal Brush event, as well as just all the cool armies that are always on display.

Anyway, that's for this weekend. As for right now, it's time to feast on some bite-size stories we've collected over the past couple days.

This installment we have: Gamboni Board Game Coming to Kickstarter, some more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, New Print-and-Play Second Manassas Board Game from Wargame Shop, Laser Dream Works expands their ship offerings to the Medieval Era, Khurasan Miniatures sets up a Facebook page, (and to go with that) a First look at Khurasan Zantin weapons teams, Icarus Miniature Preview Drop Trooper Concept Art, Figone Releases 2 new Queen Minis, Dead Dwarves and Pigs released for Flintloque from Alternative Armies, Shaleground Big Oval and 32mm bases Now Available from Tabletop-Art, Siren Miniatures new release and special offers, and a Hitech Miniatures new release.


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