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Fury of Dracula

Bleh! Bleh! I vant to suck your blood! Bleh! Bleh! While it might be New Year's, that doesn't mean we can't get a little Halloween up in here. Wizkids has released their 4th edition box of Fury of Dr
In this Year of New Editions, it's all sorts of games that're getting an update. In this case, it's a pretty classic title. WizKids is bringing us the 3rd edition of Fury of Dracula. They've posted up
DND Dice Set - 20x7 (140 Pieces)
So, since I spend all my regular workdays gaming, I will often step away from it on my time off. You know, you don't want to get burned out on a thing. However, last weekend and this, I've been all-ou
It's time once again for Saturday.I think that's really all that needs to be said about it.This Roundup we have: Camel Cup, Dead of Winter, Tash-Kalar, Ryu, Through The Ages, Mombasa, Raptor, Fury of
Well, as I sit here, assembling The Horus Heresy set, working on articles related to it for next week and beyond, I think about other games and other review articles.Oh hey, here's a whole bunch of th
Seems like this would be the perfect time of year to release a board game based on one of the classic monsters in all of literature. As such, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that you can n
Drac-u-leeeee! Drac-u-laaaaa!I should probably stop. I wouldn't want to incur the ire of Dracula. Though, it seems his Fury is already out. Or at least, it will be out when Fantasy Flight Games releas