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Furie is taking down orders for their new Yeti and Soviet Goblin releases over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

With the help of the indiegogo pledges , we haave produced Yetis and Goblins! Elves are also coming soon.

You can now pre-order our miniatures on the website!
Everything gonna be sent in the middle of april!

Furie, the ArcanePunk minis game, made it to their funding goal over on Indiegogo, so it's looking to make it through stretch goals for the next week.


From the update:

Hello everyone, the Indiegogo for Furie is funded.
It's now time to fund the Stretch goals!!!
Thanks to everyone who shared and pledged...

Only one week left ... So don't miss out on

Furie is showing off some artwork for the stretch goals they're hoping to break through over on their Indiegogo campaign.


From the preview:

The stretchgoals for Furie Indiegogo are revealed!
A new pledge appear too, The full collec' special, limited to 8 pledges and offer the possibility to obtain 9 starters for a low price!

Furie has their Wave 4 releases on display. Go check 'em out.


From the release:

It's back in Whispe.

It is accompanied by a friendly and loving Praetorian, a warrior and a gentle sun merry band of dwarves and subtle Gipsy .. And full of love and affection for the Elves, Goblins INDIEGOGO Yetis and was soon ready .... (And a few "special" figurines of course ^ ^)

Furie posted up some previews of greens and some artwork for the next set of releases coming for the game.

From the preview:

Furie new minis are coming soon, to had some blood in the cruals war of Eseltraia...
Gladiator, Conscripts , Slave , Scorpion Guard are in casting to Upgrade Azerkelar and Esialdes power...
And the Gipsy Dwarves and Mad Elves are in Wip...

Fury has some new previews up and we thought we'd share what they're sharing.

From the preview:

Some small new Fury, first opening sales approach with quality resin castings ...
Then a glimpse of the Wave 2 and clearer pictures of Orcs Azerkelar painted ....
Added some battle scenarios for those who read French.
And finally, for those who wish to see what I will prepare the game, I invite you to come follow me on facebook, or many previews are in place.

Furie is a new French skirmish game (that's a skirmish game in French, not a skirmish game about the French). Go take a look.

From the premiere:

FURIE is a skirmish game in 32mm in a merciless universe medieval/historical fantasy, playing with formats according to figures 5-20 factions. With FURIE, you can use your tactical sense and discover the power of heroes populating the territories of Eseltraia.

An English trad will coming soon and the sales are near to be opened...