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Furie is taking down orders for their new Yeti and Soviet Goblin releases over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:With the help of the indiegogo pledges , we haave produced Yetis and Goblins
Furie, the ArcanePunk minis game, made it to their funding goal over on Indiegogo, so it's looking to make it through stretch goals for the next week.SourceFrom the update:Hello everyone, the Indiegog
Furie is showing off some artwork for the stretch goals they're hoping to break through over on their Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom the preview:The stretchgoals for Furie Indiegogo are revealed! A new
Furie has their Wave 4 releases on display. Go check 'em out.SourceFrom the release:It's back in Whispe.It is accompanied by a friendly and loving Praetorian, a warrior and a gentle sun merry band of
Furie posted up some previews of greens and some artwork for the next set of releases coming for the game.From the preview:Furie new minis are coming soon, to had some blood in the cruals war of Eselt
Fury has some new previews up and we thought we'd share what they're sharing.From the preview:Some small new Fury, first opening sales approach with quality resin castings ...Then a glimpse of the Wav
Furie is a new French skirmish game (that's a skirmish game in French, not a skirmish game about the French). Go take a look.From the premiere:FURIE is a skirmish game in 32mm in a merciless universe