Fungeon Party

Fungeon Party Now Available

It's a little bit dungeon delve. It's a little bit dexterity game. It's a little bit party game. It's a little bit country. It's a little bit rock-and-roll. Fungeon Party is the new game from WizKids where players take on the role of traditional dungeon-delving characters, but don't necessarily go about searching that dungeon in the most traditional ways. Bounce dice around a box, stack them, try and knock over meeples, and more.

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WizKids Announces Fungeon Party

What happens when you combine a dungeon-crawling game with a party game and a dexterity game? You get Fungeon Party. It's a new game coming from WizKids wherein players take on the role of traditional dungeon-crawl classes, like wizard and barbarian, and head into a dungeon where their skills will be put to the test in unconventional ways. How many dice can you stack on your head? Can you bounce dice into a box lid? And how fast can you do it? Because this is a timed adventure. That's what you'll have to find out.

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