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A new tile-laying game is on the horizon all about the balance of nature and maintaining said balance. It's called Sagani and it'll be released later this month by Funforge. They've posted up a previe
Africa. The birthplace of humanity and civilization. Soon, you'll be able to bring new groups up from the very beginnings in Monumental: African Empires, a new expansion for Monumental from Funforge G
Unfortunately, babelfish aren't real. We can't all just understand all languages. As such, we're still translating games to different languages. If you find that French is your preferred language of c
Essen is just around the corner. The show is one of the biggest out there and many companies will be showing off their new games. Funforge will be doing just that with Nimiji, a new stand-alone new ga
Funforge is running a Monumental Kickstarter campaign. That describes both the name of the game as well as is an accurate description of what the game encompasses. It's not just your standard 4x civil
Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!*runs around with arms over my head*Wooooooooooooooooo!Alright, let's do this thing!Today we have: Tulip Bubble, Nuked, Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Brutal Kingdom, Dwar
Welcome back once again to Saturday. I hope it's treating you well.Lots of things to look at today, so let's just get right to it.Today's articles include: 7 Ronin, Adventure Land, Karuba, Warehouse 5
We're getting there, everyone. The weekend will be here soon (or for those far to the East of here, it's already come). Friday Eve has become Friday. What a grand day.Anyway, let's get ready for the w
Well, we've been having a lot of stories recently about a company bringing a new game to an English-speaking audience. It's only fair that we bring you a story about a company bringing new games to a
As we tend to do after Friday, we are now deposited here on Saturday. That means all day getting the chance to do some gaming. It also means we have our Review Roundup.So without further ado...This we
Hey everyone. Welcome to another Sunday Edition here on TGN.Now, some of you might've noticed that we ran Sunday Snippets on Saturday and are doing the Review Roundup here on Sunday.I'm... not entirel
Funforge has launched their Kickstarter campaign for ZNA, their new zombie survival board game. This cooperative board game is set in Boston in the year 2025. The city has been overrun by a mysterious
FunForge has some more details up about ZNA, their upcoming cooperative survival horror board game, including the launch date for their Kickstarter. Expect to go live on December 17th.The game takes p
TableTop posted up their first episode of Season 3 for your viewing pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Wil Wheaton and guests Jason Wishnov, J. August Richards, and Chris Kluwe play Tokaido in this episod
Indie Cardboard takes a look at Funforge's Quantum board game and gives you their thoughts on the subject.SourceFrom the post:"Elegant” is the most overused word in board game commentary. It’s a surpr
FunForge has posted up their announcement about ZNA - Patient Zero, their new board game project coming to Kickstarter.Note: the page through the link is in French.GameboardJackJohnMammyMia 2MiaSmokey