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Fujian Trader

Thinking Past has just over a day left on their Fujian Trader Kickstarter campaign. They've not quite made it to their goal, but they're getting ever-closer. With one big, last push, they're hoping to
Though it's raining here in Atlanta on this Friday the 13th, we're not letting it get us down. GAMA is next week, as well as AdeptiCon. So there's plenty to be looking forward to.And, of course, there
The Meeple Mechanic has another installment of The Fiver, where they talk with game designers about their projects up on Kickstarter. This time it's a twofer with Sari Gilbert and Robert Batchelor tal
Thinking Past has made a new, slightly more economical pledge level for their Fujian Trader game on Kickstarter. The new level is not only a little cheaper, but should also make shipping the game chea